Social Media Marketing: Is Your Business Cashing In?

It doesn’t matter if you are a Realtor, Insurance Broker, Cafe Owner, or Record Shop… Social Media should be on your mind.

The old and costly marketing methods of TV advertisements, Radio slots, and Newspaper ads are fizzling out. Why? Because the eyeballs have shifted. Why pay thousands, sometimes MILLIONS, on traditional marketing when you can reach BILLIONS of people for pennies on the click (Free in some cases)? A Music Store owner we spoke with last week said he was still putting an ad in the Yellow Pages. Can you believe that? Most people use the Phonebook as a Booster Seat or Fire kindle.

So What Are People Looking At Now? SOCIAL MEDIA.

We check our Facebook more frequently than our EMAIL.

Walmart, one of the Biggest Corporate giants has now shifted all of their Marketing to Social Media. Same with companies like American Express, TD Bank, and Sony. But should Social Media Marketing be reserved for the Corporate Big Guys? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Press Play on the Video Below and See How We Are Giving the Small Business Owner a Competitive Advantage with Social Media. See How to Reduce your Marketing Budget While Increasing Sales at the Same Time. Check it Out!

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  • Etieno Etuk

    This is an awesome post. You’re right, Social Media marketing shouldn’t be reserved just for the big boys(companies like Walmart, American Express, banks etc).


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