Steps To Starting a Business Online: Simple steps to starting a business online today!

steps to starting a business onlineGood morning my friend today we are chatting about Steps To Starting a Business Online!

Today could be the start of your epic new journey. Your journey to a better future thanks to an online business that pays you everyday on auto-pilot.

Even on days when you don’t work.

Over the past few years Layla and I have gone from living in the basement of a bar. Having no future, no investments, no security and making around $40 a week.

To traveling the world, eating and drinking in some of the worlds most luxuries destinations, owning multiple homes, allowing our family to live a better quality of life and had team members from all over the world break into the 3% and earn over 10/30/100k a month incomes by knowing the most effective Steps To Starting a Business Online.


Yes it’s been freakn epic.


So now I am going to share with you some of our top…


Steps To Starting a Business Online


1. Decide in advance what you are passionate about. Is it cooking, making money online, travel, design, music? What ever your focus and passion is. Run with it. When you create content and marketing material about something you are passionate about. Magical things happen. Your passion and energy rains down on the person who is watching or reading your stuff. <— This makes it easy to make sales. [Side Note: A Sale is just the transfer of passion.]


2. Find a mentor early. Layla and I could of shaved 100’s if not 1000’s of hours off of our learning curve. If we would of had a mentor earlier. Why do you want a mentor? In it’s simplest form. You want to be able to by-pass all of the mistakes he or she has learned. You want to be able to go straight to the goods. Imagine it like you are digging for gold. The rest of the pack is wasting days and weeks trying to find the right location to dig. You on the other hand have consulted with someone who was already successful in this field. So they told you exactly where to start and how to do it. And you struck gold right off the bat. Without wasting precious time.


3. Find a Business of Offer that’s real. There is so much crap online. You must take your time and find out for sure if the business or offer you have found to promote is legitimate. You don’t want to invest your time and money. Into something that turns out to be useless. It doesn’t need to be a scam. To be crap. It could be something that there is no interest in, in the market place. It could be that it’s an awesome product or service but it’s years old. It could be that it’s a good company but has bad marketing or even worse. An Internal issue. —> Finding out all of this info first. Will save you countless hours of heart ache later.


Now what I want you to do. Is take a few minutes and watch this killer video. This info-video is a recap of the amazing last 2 weeks of events. Inside the Empower Network. Take a few minutes and enlighten yourself on the future that is waiting for you.


Steps to starting a Business

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steps to start a business online

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