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Over the past 6 years or so Layla and I have spent 1000’s of hours and 10’s of thousands of dollars learning how to blog, what to blog about, how to promote our content and so much more. What we have found there is NO better way to get people to your blog than to pay for it. Yes using SEO works but it takes forever and if you are only relying on SEO you are going to get burned out, smash your computer at least once when Google changes it algorithms, brake your entire SEO site and so much more frustrating things.


So what do you recommend Toby & Layla?


Paid Content Ads!


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Overnight the next few weeks we will be sharing some of our most effective traffic sources, ads, copy and how to roll em out. Today I am sharing this little known and very very effective paid strategy StumbleUpon Paid Content Ads.


Check out this training video right now and put into action what you learn today.




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