Take Your Home Business on 4 Wheels! This is Why Internet Marketers ALWAYS Have Cameras!

Hello Rockstars!

As most of you know, I spent some time catching up with friends and family in Canada over the last couple of weeks. By the end of the trip my family was saying “Do You Document EVERYTHING?” lol!

Want to know the SECRET to Internet Marketing?

You’ve got to be REAL. You can’t just be a capture page or a sales funnel or an automatic email autoresponder. You must show the masses that you are a real live breathing person. That’s one of the biggest compliments we hear on a daily basis “You and Toby are so REAL!”

Real Internet Marketers, doing REAL things! Check out my One Handed 4 Wheeling adventure with my Cousin and Sister.

(Mind any swear words that leak out of their mouths… they were slightly scared hahaha)

If You Are Sick of So Called “GURUS” and You Want to Connect with REAL Mentors that are Helping Thousands of REAL PEOPLE get REAL RESULTS Go to:


Keep Rocking n Rolling,

Toby & Layla

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  • Charlene Hall

    Hahaha, this is too cute! You guys have so much fun..I LOVE it!!

  • Toby & Layla

    Hey Ian… thanks for the comment. The pop up should only ever popup once a day… will investigate 🙂 We do get 15-20 leads a day from that pop up tho… so the purpose is there… Thanks for commenting tho 🙂

  • Ian

    Hi guys just a simple comment: I love your stuff and if only Europe could do Numis ;-( BUT I like to scroll your page not be punched in the face with the pop-up??? Why do that???

    Serves no purpose.


    Ian H

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