Team Takeover has the Network Marketing Industry Baffled!

When we hit Ambassador in Visalus in our first 16 Days… many weren’t surprised.

People assumed we’d brought our whole team (when in reality only a small group of our 5 Inner Circle members made the move with us)…. People assumed we pressed some button on the internet and generated 1000’s of leads….


This Teams Success isn’t about Toby and I anymore…. it isn’t about us being the #1 Recruiters… it isn’t about us driving a flashy car… it isn’t about us getting trips and prizes and Giant Checks on stage…. For the first time in our entire CAREER of Network Marketing we are witnessing something magical happen. The old saying “You Get 3… then you help them Get 3… and help THEM Get 3…. and in a year you have over 9000 Promoters…” WELL IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES.

Who Else Loves this Team????

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Why is Visalus Duplicating When Our Past Companies Did Not?

  • SIMPLE: It’s so EASY to talk about. You don’t have to learn how to set anything up, you don’t have figure out a new tool, you don’t have to become a doctor or a financial advisor, you don’t have to spend money on courses figuring out how to BLOG, you simply follow the 3 Step System that Visalus has in place.
  • EMOTIONAL: When you lose 10lbs in a week, that’s EMOTIONAL. The products work and people can FEEL the difference almost instantly… that excitement has transfered into VIRAL Word of Mouth Marketing
  • SMART: The owners of Visalus are the sharpest Marketing geniuses I’ve ever seen. They know the behaviour behind the comp plan, the emotion behind the message, and the vision that is engrained on every single Promoter of the Challenge. (The fact that the owner Ryan Blair has an Amazon #1 Seller about the Rise of Visalus selling #1 in countries we haven’t even launched yet, and on CNN/Bloomberg/Yahoo promoting it… pure genius)

How is Team Takeover Kicking Up the Duplication to Another Level?

  • CONNECTING: People are shocked when they hear our voices on the other end of the phone. “You guys didn’t even sponsor me… I can’t believe you’d actually call me to welcome me to the team….” TTO is changing how Network Marketing works online… no more OPT IN HERE and BUY THIS and then MAYBE I’ll call you. We have our sleeves rolled up and are working side by side with our leaders to help them grow their teams and develop new leaders.
  • SUCCESS OF OTHERS: There is something addictive to helping peoples dreams come true…. it’s like a Drug. To be honest we haven’t even LOOKED at our projected check for last week because we were too busy working on the CHECKS of our Team Members.
  • PASSION: We have FIRE. Plain and simple.

I want you to take a look at the promotions that happened in February within our team…. (which resulted in over $500,000 in monthly sales volume… )

That’s a screenshot from our back office.

That Means 97 Rising Stars (Made at least $600 and Qualified for DOUBLE SHARES in the weekly enrollers pool)

34.. yes 34 FREE BMWS with all those Regional Directors!

9 National Directors, 2 Presidential Directors, and 2 Ambassadors and Above.

Good Month, Eh?

Press Play to Take a Look at the Facebook Wall That Has Our Competition Shaking in their Boots because TTO is GROWING when Everyone Else is Shrinking!

CLICK HERE NOW to See the Secret Footage of the First Meeting of the Master Alliance and Team Takeover. It started with a Few Inspired Leaders and Has Transformed into the Network Marketing Phenomena that Leaders Are Studying! Don’t Miss Another Moment… this is your CHANCE to Change it All.

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