The #1 Reason that Most Network Marketing Companies Go Out of Business….

This is a really important article with some extremely powerful and eye-opening videos.

Currently there are approximately 4800 Network Marketing company. Because of the job crisis, because of the recession, you see new companies popping up EVERYWHERE. There is even a new WEED MLM (haha… read our review on this company next week)

90% of new Network Marketing companies do not make it past the first year.


Is your Network Marketing company built on SAND or CONCRETE? The ownership in your company will decide that for you.

I’ve heard of some MLM companies popping up that were started out of garages, or the owners live offshore somewhere. This should be a RED FLAG. You really need to do your homework about who’s calling the shots in your MLM company. Are they going to cut your checks in half a year down the line? Are they going to be more concerned with their bank accounts than yours? Are they going to pay leaders to come in and give them special positions in the company above you (We KNOW how this feels!)…?

When we saw the underhanded actions of our previous company and our previous “Leaders” (who shall remain nameless) we immediately made the decision not to associate with them anymore. It’s lonely at the top when you’ve stepped on everyone to be there, and that’s not how we work!

We are not saying quit your company and join us…

But I do want you guys to watch these videos. The owners of Numis Network, whom we know personally and love dearly, are really in this business for their distributors. With an Incentive Trip every 90 Days, a Pay Plan that WORKS, and the most solid HEARTS we’ve ever encountered in this industry…. We just want you to listen to what they have to say.

We’re not saying our owners are better than yours lol, but just watch and compare to some of the Ownership that exists in this industry. The guys calling the shots in your company have control of your future, so make sure it’s in the right hands!

Now Guys… we want you to listen to the President of Numis Network Ian Cordell, and then ask yourself…. “Do I have this kind of Ownership to depend on. Do I have owners I can count on, that I can CALL, that are traveling the country helping ME build my business?”

There are Great Owners that Exist in this Industry… and Their are some that are Not So Great. If you fall into the second category, get plugged in with the power of what we’re doing here. Go through the website below!

Keep Rocking n Rolling,

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  • Toby & Layla

    Unfortunately this is an industry packed with hype, smoke and mirrors. You get romanced by the Ground floor promises, and the MASSIVE spillover.

    PERFECT EXAMPLE: The recent 360 Launch (if you didn’t read our review check it out now
    People jumped all over this opportunity. And yeah they had thousands of freebie hoppers fill their downlines…. THEN when word hit it was another nutritional product
    repackaged and relaunched….. everything fizzled away.

    DO YOUR HOMEWORK FOLKS…. and make sure you partner with leaders that you know LIKE & TRUST.

    Thanks for your great insight Ryan!

    Toby & Layla

  • Ryan

    Hi Guys,

    Excellent advice here. Due diligence is the vital practice which many MLM newbies ignore to their own peril. Even veteran network marketers get taken at times; it comes with the business. Do all that you can to learn about who you are in business with. Talent without character = fail, when it comes to leadership.

    The important thing is to let go, learn from your experience and grow.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.


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