The Best Personality Test to Help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Understand their Brand!

The first VIP Webinar of the Online Branding Formula discussed one of the most critical components of the entire 30 Day Event:

How can you decide what YOUR Brand is going to be, whether it will be profitable, and whether it will make you happy?

Camilo Machado blew the minds of hundreds of Entrepreneurs with his extensive Brand Training. His first suggestion to developing a brand that is in line with your Core Values and Beliefs is to properly understand what your core values and beliefs ARE. Hence the personality Test.

Participating and understanding the results in a Personality Test is key for 2 reasons.

1. You know your brand is 100% in line with what you value, with your strengths and when you achieve success… you will have ultimate happiness.

2. To best understand how you work with other people. You know which personality types you are most compatible with and how to handles ones that you may conflict with properly.

What were our Results to the Personality Test?

Both Toby & Layla scored as “Idealists”, however were on 2 different categories.Idealists are passionately concerned with personal growth and development. Idealists strive to discover who they are and how they can become their best possible self — always this quest for self-knowledge and self-improvement drives their imagination. And they want to help others make the journey. Idealists are naturally drawn to working with people, and whether in education or counseling, in social services or personnel work, in journalism or the ministry, they are gifted at helping others find their way in life, often inspiring them to grow as individuals and to fulfill their potentials.

Famous Idealists:

  • Mohandas Ghandi
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Nelson Mendela
  • Princess Dianna

Watch this Quick Video About Idealists and Then Read Our Individual Results Below

Toby Black: Champion Idealist

Champions are rather rare, say three or four percent of the population, but even more than the others they consider intense emotional experiences as being vital to a full life. Champions have a wide range and variety of emotions, and a great passion for novelty. They see life as an exciting drama, pregnant with possibilities for both good and evil, and they want to experience all the meaningful events and fascinating people in the world.

Fiercely individualistic, Champions strive toward a kind of personal authenticity, and this intention always to be themselves is usually quite attractive to others. At the same time, Champions have outstanding intuitive powers and can tell what is going on inside of others, reading hidden emotions and giving special significance to words or actions. In fact, Champions are constantly scanning the social environment, and no intriguing character or silent motive is likely to escape their attention.

They are likable and at ease with colleagues, and handle their employees or students with great skill. They are good in public and on the telephone, and are so spontaneous and dramatic that others love to be in their company. Champions are positive, exuberant people, and often their confidence in the goodness of life and of human nature makes good things happen.

Layla Staats: Teacher Idealist

Teachers have a natural talent for leading students or trainees toward learning, they are capable of calling forth each learner’s potentials. Teachers (around two percent of the population) are able – effortlessly, it seems, and almost endlessly-to dream up fascinating learning activities for their students to engage in. This ability to fire the imagination can amount to a kind of genius which other types find hard to emulate. But perhaps their greatest strength lies in their belief in their students. Teachers look for the best in their students, and communicate clearly that each one has untold potential, and this confidence can inspire their students to grow and develop more than they ever thought possible.

In whatever field they choose, Teachers consider people their highest priority, and they instinctively communicate personal concern and a willingness to become involved. Warmly outgoing, and perhaps the most expressive of all the types. Bubbling with enthusiasm, Teachers will voice their passions with dramatic flourish, and can, with practice, become charismatic public speakers. This verbal ability gives Teachers a good deal of influence in groups, and they are often asked to take a leadership role.


Now don’t you agree, that it would be much more powerful to develop a brand now that we know the details of our Personality??

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  • Mary Speller

    Thanks Toby and Layla,
    I encourage people to look into their personalities on one of my blogs, and have a big fan of personality tests for years.
    I am an INFP, which is and Idealist healer, and makeup 1% of the population.

    A great site, and I will go back and cruise around there some more.

  • Venessa

    Nice to know myself a little better…I’m a ISFI -Protector 🙂

  • Rocky Vertone

    HaHa… Nice! I a a “Champion Idealist” as well. This was an interesting test and pretty dead on! Thanks guys!


  • Robert Stritzinger

    Last time I looked up this test it was not free. I took it many years ago through my JOB. I am still an INFJ Councelor Idealist. Thanks

  • Dionne Jones

    Wow! Wow! Wow! This was dead on! I am an Idealist Counselor. My career path matched to a “T.” This is confirmation that I am aware of my inner and outer self and am on the correct path to being the best me I can be to make the greater positive impact for others. Thanks Toby and Layla for sharing this!

  • Philip Blackett

    Just found out that I’m a Champion Idealist like my bro Toby 🙂

    Awesome. So glad to be a part of the POWERFUL Online Branding Formula for so much GAME-CHANGING Value!

    Thank you for sharing you two,

  • Isabel

    Hi there – this was great! I kinda knew my test would score just like Layla, Idealist Teacher 🙂 Cheers!

  • Shanna Highsmith

    I have know I was an ENFP since my college days. I had gotten away from the study of Personality types and leadership development, one of my passions. Thanks from helping bring this back into my toolbox. I love you both..and I am an Idealist Champion like Toby..

  • Kimberly Flores

    LOL! I took the free test just now (took the advanced earlier) and I am also listed as a Champion Idealist. :-/
    This is interesting as it suggests I am am evolving, ‘cuz last year I was an Rational Architect such as Eisenstein.
    I really have been trying to ‘get out of my head’ and go with my heart. So, proof’s in the puddin’.
    Lets see where this takes us in our journey!

  • David Twedt

    It’s almost scary to see how accurate this test can be. It is going to help me get off the fence as to which niche I should be working on. Thanks for the knowledge you two bring to us and your desire to share. Oh by the way. I’m an Artisan (ESFP)

  • Carolina

    Hello Toby and Layla,
    Awesome test!!
    And I am so happy to find out that my personality type is Teacher Idealist like my great mentor and leader Layla! 🙂

  • timothy willan

    Hey Guys! Very interesting! Not sure I understud it all, But was something that makes you think! Thanks!

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