The Best Popup Webforms for WordPress Blogs – 300% Lead Increase with the Exact Same Traffic

We had an email come in last night asking…

What is the Best Popup Webform for WordPress Blogs?

As you know we pride ourselves in giving you the most value possible… so we figured if one person was wondering about Popup Webforms, then there were probably more of you out there that would benefit from this post as well.

So with a Gazillion Plugin options for Popup Webforms it’s really hard to know which one is going to Perform best.

Then there is always the question:

Is a Popup Webform effective or annoying?

In all honesty sometimes a popup webform is annoying.

3 Steps to Avoiding an ANNOYING Popup Webform on your WordPress Blog

  1. Make sure the X to close the popup is easily clickable. Do not use a Popup Webform that is longer than the length of your screen. This will force viewers to have to scroll for the X button… which yes, is annoying.
  2. ALWAYS set a display schedule. We set our Popup Webform for every 72 Hours. This will cookie your viewer so the Webform will not display until 72 hours later. You can also set your Popup to display only once daily. This prevents the Popup Webform from displaying on every page as people surf your blog (Which will drastically reduce the amount of time people spend on your site)
  3. VALUE is the name of the game. Give people a REASON to want to opt in to your Popup Webform. (See IDEAS Below)

Giveaway Ideas for Effective Popup Webforms:

  • Ebooks
  • Free Reports
  • Case Study
  • Video Training Series
  • Free 15 Minute Coaching Session
  • Bootcamp

So Which Popup Webform should you use on your WordPress Blog?

(Pssssssst….. Remember we told you we were going to show you how to make money online with your Blog? One of these Popup WordPress Plugins has a Powerful Affiliate Program which has added another revenue stream to our Blog… so pay close attention)

POPUP Domination:

A Sleek and Professional Popup Plugin that is SIMPLE to use and also offers the Exit Popup feature. We have integrated THIS TOOL into our autoresponders because we are affiliates of this Plugin and we’ve made over 5 Figures this past year all on AUTOPILOT. This Popup Plugin is $77 ONE TIME which gives you the ability to post as many Popup Webforms on as many sites as you want.

Super Popup:

Super Popup has a FREE version that is extremely effective and basically allows you to display a capture page website as a popup on your website. As many of you have seen we have been testing the Super Popup WordPress Plugin for the last 3 weeks and although it has generated consistent leads it has not beat out Popup Domination. It seems more powerful to Brand YOU from the beginning and develop a relationship where viewers are learning from you from the first second.

Depending on how well your capture page converts, and how relevant your offer is to the desires of your viewers… all will effect the conversion of the Super Popup.


Aweber provides Popup Webforms with tons of different template options. These Popups are connected directly to your Aweber which keeps things simple however they are sometimes difficult from a design aspect. Typically Aweber lays the popup in a Vertical style so if you want to post BULLETS or a description your popup will often be long and off the page.

Aweber is also our TOP SUGGESTION for building your list. Need somewhere to store your Leads and communicate with your list effectively? Try Aweber for $1.

Another FREE Popup Webform that we researched but have not tested yet is the WordPress Popup Scheduler. According to the Reviews we have read it is a Great FREE OPTION if you are looking for the traditional style popup rather than the Capture Page website displayed with the Super Popup.

To See the Popup We USE to generate 300% more optins from our Blog with the EXACT Same Amount of Traffic Check This Out Now!

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  • Anne McAllister

    Useful post. Thank you for sharing. I like the opt in form on your site, it looks professional but appealing. I have been to sites where the pop up fills the screen and there is no way to close it down…super annoying!

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