The Customer Advantage Review: Advantage For The Customer

The Customer Advantage ReviewBehind The Company

John Milanoski, a successful network marketer behind the Marketing Millionaire training system, made The Customer Advantage. He applied social media to the local marketplace and incorporated it with a network marketing plan. He gets businesses to promote their very discounted material with The Customer Advantage and members can purchase them at cheaper prices. Businesses obtain free advertisement while members get free discounts. Discounts can come from stores selling any brand, hotels, restaurants, spas, beauty salons, car care, training centers and others that grant 30-70% discounts.

How The Advantage works

The Customer Advantage offers free membership. When a member joins he will receive daily an offer from an enrolled business about a certain product usually at a 50% discounted price or even more. He just purchases the coupon if he wants to avail of the offer. While the member gets the brand he needs at half the price, the business will then get new traffic and future sales quantity. At no cash out, the business gets to publicize for free while the member enjoys a gigantic discount.

How to earn

This is where the network marketing component of The Customer Advantage comes in. When a referral buys a product from the enrolled businesses, the member gets 5% from the purchase made. He will also earn a 5% override fee or bonus for the downlines from his recruits up to the 5th generation level.

Another way of earning is when the member gets a local business to advertise in The Customer Advantage. He will acquire an automatic 2% from all the sales gained by the local business he enrolls. These probable ways of earning from a free membership will encourage members to get as much recruits as possible and local businesses to join.

The Strategy

A member is given a replicated website by The Customer Advantage. There, he invites other members to take up with and local businesses to advertise in The Customer Advantage. The member has to construct ways in order to acquire new recruits. He has to increase a good relationship with people who enter his website as these are likely recruits. He has to offer The Customer Advantage in an unique, interesting and encouraging way. He has to entice businesses to advertise through him.

The upside is this business offers no risk at all as no money will be spent on membership and advertising. And like most other MLM companies, the network marketing component is built around the personal referrals of new members. The Customer Advantage assuredly puts the customers at a big advantage with the deals it offers, but, in relying on the warm market, there is no clear advantage over any other member in growing this fantastic opportunity into a real money making business. Unless one can harness the power of the internet to market these deals and this fortune.

Toby & Layla wrote this The Customer Advantage Review for people looking into the company. Sadly, most The Customer Advantage distributors will never see the success they desire because they lack the marketing skills to generate sufficient leads for their company. To learn how you can generate more leads than you can get to, visit Toby & Layla’s MLM Training

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