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Hello to all our Blog Lovers out there! Toby and I have done some major revamping on our Blog, we are sure you will like all the changes.

It became very apparent to us last week how important it is to have a self-hosted WordPress Blog. The problem with the free Blogspots and Bloggers is that you really do not OWN your blog. We were investing so much time and effort into creating a great blog, but realising that we did not own any of the material or content. A team member of ours had his Blogspot account shut down last week.

We highly suggest getting a self-hosted WordPress Blog and we have some AMAZING training on exactly how to set it all up!


Over the next months we are going to have access to some VERY valuable information which will help you explode your business. Stay in touch with us, get signed up for our mailing list, and we will see you guys at the TOP!

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  • Steve Smith

    Besides my networking business, I work at a retail store. We were discussing how clients can sometimes not get approached by a sales person. One of the girls offered that she always notices every client as they walk through the store. She watches them. I told her, that’s great but you are paid to engage with a client

  • Laurie

    Great article. Found itso helpful. I will now use Word Press.
    Thank you.

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