The Original Rockstar Brian Fanale Stresses the Importance of a SOLID Team

When Brian Fanale shared his story on the big screen in Vegas at the Live The Dream Event…. it resonated deeply with us.

Brian Fanale’s passion is Music, and the hilarious part is… just like me (Layla), he was “supposed” to be a Doctor. Everyone thought he was crazy for chasing his dreams of being a Rockstar. Just like everyone thought I was crazy for falling in love with one, that happened to be living illegally in the basement of a bar haha!

After vacations, cruise ships, kareoke nights, and many live events together… Brian Fanale has grown to be a dear friend and a valued Mentor of ours. Brian Fanale is a leader you deserve to listen to and implement every single thing he says.

We were able to sneak Brian Fanale away for a couple seconds to give a quick Golden Nugget of information… Pay Attention!

That’s one problem we hear over and over and over again from struggling Networkers. They feel alone, they don’t have support, they don’t have a Team that’s empowering them to Achieve Bigger and Better things.

If there was any advice we could give people out there that are in the process of creating their dreams…. It would be something that we learned quickly, and that rapidly propelled these 2 Broke Musicians to the 5 Figure a Week Rockstar Ranks.

You Become the Top 5 People You Associate Yourself With.

If you want to be a Millionaire… SURROUND Yourself With Millionaires.

If you want to be a Hundredaire…. Hang Around Those Hundredaires!

If you want to be a ROCKSTAR…. Come Hang with Rockstars!

Click on the Link Below and Get Plugged in with a Rockstar Team that is Creating NEW Rockstars Every Single Day!

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  • brian

    You guys rock!!!

    Your blog is looking awesome too…

    Keep doing your thing guys, and thanks for the post! 😉

  • Ted Hunsaker

    Thanks Toby and Layla for sharing this video with us.

  • George Rojas

    That was cool you guys! Can’t wait to learn what Brian taught you in Vegas.

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