The Top 5 Dangers of Riding the Product Launch Wave in Network Marketing

It feel like almost every week there is a new Tool, a new product, a new course, a new Ebook… you know exactly what I mean.

If you are a Network Marketer than take 2 minutes to check out this blog post, because it will SAVE YOU your downline.

Network Marketing is a very OLD industry, it’s has survived the test of time by having a fundamental concept of RELATIONSHIP MARKETING. With the introduction of the Internet in the last 10 years the Network Marketing industry is being infiltrated by Affiliate Marketers. (Most of which have never built a substantial downline)

DON’T GET US WRONG: There are some INCREDIBLE Products and Trainings out there that are worth every penny. We’ve spent over $30,000 in our first year on Courses, Seminars, Products and Tools. You’ve got to invest in yourself… and the old saying “It takes money to make money” is absolutely true. However there are some serious DANGERS to riding the Product Launch Bandwagon.

The Top 5 Dangers of Riding the Product Launch Wave in Network Marketing

  1. Your Team will do what you do, Not what you Say. If you are promoting something new all the time your team will look at your Leadership and follow your actions. If you want to build a Multi-National Million Dollar Organization you have got to keep FOCUS in VISION in your team.
  2. Your Reputation will Diminish. If every month you are promoting something new, a Seminar, a Product, an Affiliate Tool, a new MLM… people do not forget. Do you want to have a reputation as a leader who is always selling something different? Of course not.
  3. Shiny New Objects Appear Constantly. Focusing Attention (especially as a leader) on the newest deals or tools and funneling them down throughout your downline breeds a dangerous mindset. Your Team will always be looking at, and distracted by Shiny New Things.
  4. Lack of Focus. A Mentor once told me “You can’t take more than one girl to the prom.” If you are serious about building a residual income from your Network Marketing organization it is going to take a lot of work and dedication. If you do not have the VISION, then you might as well retire and simply become an Affiliate Marketer. Want to know why 97% Fail? Check the Video Out Below.
  5. Never Build Momentum. In Network Marketing building momentum is one of the critical factors in creating a massive organization. If you’re constantly switching focus, jumping ship, switching teams, riding the latest bandwagon… you are guaranteed to miss out on the Magic that is Momentum.

With a Team like the Rockstars…we get asked EVERY SINGLE DAY to promote the latest tools and products. Launches come across our desk before ANYONE ever even sees them. We’re best friends with some of the Top Affiliate Marketers in the Industry. We even own a lot of their Products.

Why Don’t We Promote Them to our 1000+ Team Members?

Because Toby and Layla are Network Marketers. We came on the Internet to build a Network Marketing team, to create Residual income, and help CHANGE PEOPLES LIVES.

This is not to criticize anyone that is promoting affiliate offers, because we have lots of different affiliates that pay us. But it is to simply remind you that you are Network Marketer first.

Press Play on this Video to See Why 97% of Network Marketers Fail… Are You a Lemming or a Leader?

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  • Mary Speller

    Thanks guys. The little video added the fun to a very important lesson. I do like your no BS approach to the fact that NWM is hard work. But we also know that the rewards are there when you crack the code.

  • Toby & Layla

    @Venessa – Thank you for your comment. It’s awesome that goosebumps can reach all the way in South Africa! 🙂
    Super excited about what’s in store a year, 2 years down the road. All of us 🙂

    Thank you everyone for commenting!

    Every single day we are speaking to people in our industry that are cut off from any support. And it’s not what
    this business has been built on for the last century… Honesty and Transparency NEEDS to happen more.

    Toby & Layla

  • Venessa

    Toby & Layla… had a goosebump moment there.
    And this is why you are where you are 🙂
    You keep it real.

  • buff

    hey toby and layla,
    i really appreciate you guys and your message! thanks for standing up for what you believe in … the best kind of integrity!

  • Steven Schmeltzle

    Yes, even as leaders, we can still get off track, but are usually quickly able to regain our train (of thought) and stay on track. If we teach this to our team, we can keep it to a minimum.

  • Uma

    Yes…it’s so easy to get distracted. Everywhere you look, there seems to be a zillion offers!!! To remain focussed is indeed a challenge. Especially on the net!!

  • timothy willan

    Thanks! Guys this kinda hit home for me, This sounds like me junping around and not staying with One program Or company for very long! But things happen, If I see that something going wrong and theirs trouble with the company, I have stepback and stopped focusing, In some cases it work out!But I have learn thou out the yrs, You have to stay focused and believe in company products & your self! Thanks again for the lesson!

  • Ellen Agius

    Love what you are teaching with branding..focus is certainly the much noise on the internet so difficult to focus..this is also about training your mind to skill we need in all aspects of life. Thanks for reminding us.

  • James E Ratcliffe

    I’ve learned some things watching you lead. The OBFS is an excellent idea. The bonus training exciting but felt like had to chase it. It’s enough to get some duplicate emails etc.. I said “bravo!” when I first saw the OBFS. Won’t some down lines be involved in few other things which they can gladly “do” with their respective groups? I don’t see the problem, other than constant inquiry as indicated. So the great excitement generates some extra stuff. This seems to be the time to address the matter as other issues are sure to happen in a vibrant and growing organization as this. As long as leadership is honest, clear and consistent, they can only lead where they themselves are going. Not a clearinghouse or education center for every product hitting the market. I wondered why T&L did not just appear in few other “things” but are in the top leadership mentions when appropriate. So NOW IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE. I have relatives in Tampa. I regret pain of power outage on their part, heard on Skype, but can we as an organization under they’re leadership handle it a few days? Could they take a TRUE Vacation for couple weeks? A major product/organization I got into through T&L’s set-up is the God sent I am thank full for. It seems to be the foundation for all the other things, at what ever level is chosen. I also easily see why they do what they’re doing, from this side of the screen. Strength and courage to T&L. Keep fresh and fun!

  • Monica D. Williams

    Hey Guys, I am happy to see this post because it just further proves the integrity of your leadership. Being bold and brave is a trait of a true leader.

  • David Lee

    There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “chase 2 rabbits, catch none”! All of the points you guys made are certainly true. I myself had fallen victim to that “grab the next big thing mentality” at one point, but it’s truly short sighted. And of course affiliate marketers are continuing to fall out of the good graces of the search engines (especially Google), and also “the Tax man” is still gunning for them!

  • Tilly Davies

    Thanks Toby & Layla! The Internet can be very distracting. May I add that we as leaders must also protect our team from wandering and losing focus. Great post to assist with that too!

  • Carolyn Johnson

    Thanks for this excellent post Toby and Layla. With so many promotions of new projects going on, it’s so easy to get sidetracked and become overwhelmed by information overload. It’s takes real focus and maturity for one not be drawn in by the hype. It helps to hear from leaders like you to even the playing field and bring a voice of reason.

  • Tom Metscher

    What a great and insightful post full of many important elements to success
    Your leadership is huge !

  • Alecia

    Yes, this is a challenge for a lot of online marketers. You can find so many tools to help you market, then finding the right opportunity that is appealing for your market. What are ways that keep you focused in all the affiliates and oppotunities you promote? I see just being honest yourself will help you learn your focus with others. Make things happen and be yourself.

  • Toby & Layla

    Tunnel Vision… I like that David.

    Thanks for commenting guys. We know that not everyone is going to like this post… but it had to be said.

    We see too many Lemmings in this industry jumping off cliffs.

    Toby & Layla

  • David Emil Lombard

    A-MEN kids! Scattered focus = scattered results. If people are really passionate about their company’s mission & know it’s lucrative, they deserve a post like this to affirm the tunnel vision they’ve got to cultivate in building. Way to lay it out!


  • Brian Farello

    Great post Toby and Layla! This is definitely something I will share with my followers. I really enjoyed the video too.

  • Philip Blackett

    Appreciate the post Toby & Layla! It takes COURAGE to take a stand for the betterment of others. Glad to work with leaders who are not afraid to express themselves in order to help others avoid becoming a statistic in the 97% failure rate in this industry.

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