The Ultimate Lie of Network Marketing


Hello Everyone, Toby and Layla here.

Another powerful post from the Rockstar Revolution today exposing the Ultimate Lie of Network Marketing.

Why do 90% of people join the Network Marketing industry? For the Money.

In a struggling economy it’s easy to associate “Better Days” to having more money. But does money solve everything?

How Many Filthy Rich People Do You Know That:

  • Have Mental Breakdowns
  • Develop Eating Disorders
  • Never see their Families
  • Seem to be Extremely Miserable
  • Keep their Fortune close to their Chest
  • Rarely smile.

Unfortunately, we know far too many.

We know you came here today because you wanted the TRUTH.

Network Marketing isn’t about the Money.

Fast Start Bonuses and Upfront cashflow is awesome, and you definitely need to have it. But where people are getting lost in the sauce and having the wool pulled over their eyes is when it comes to the RESIDUAL INCOME. Residual income is the TRUE secret of Network Marketing.

In the last 8 Months we have seen our Residual (Passive) Income increase by over 800%

(So we know what we’re talking about)

But it is impossible to build a truly duplicating organization (especially online) if you are making those critical mistakes that most newbies on the internet make. So what are the critical mistakes? Get Free Access to our Introductory Facebook Training Webinar Now.

To Unlock the TRUE SECRET of Network Marketing and Learn how the Rockstar Revolution is Helping People Take Back Control of their Destinies, PRESS PLAY.

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  • Etieno Etuk

    Awesome post, once again. I love visiting your blog because I learn so much. You give so much value that it blows my mind. Rock on!

  • James E Ratcliffe

    When I think of T&L, I always thought of Toby and Layla. Thought it funny lately I also think of Traffic & Leads. LOL
    I was doing some keyword search using my name with my company and brand (me) and came up first page amongst first 5 and only 18,000 results. Tob&Lay were number 4 and 5. My name came listed because of comment here at T & L’s blog. Danc’n in the streets here. oh yeah,..happy wedding again!!
    PS: the fifth one is entitled in large print “Toby and Layla are Getting MARRIED! even for a new blog (me), my SEO is working and stuff. Halalujah!

  • James Ratcliffe

    Ok does Layla wear shoes? Who else crazy enough to be with Toby in these insane situations? now for life. Two crazy zany market leaders!

  • Bryce Woodard

    Cool Video. It is about Time and Freedom that intrigues me about Network Marketing. Keep having fun and if your income grows another 800% that would be pretty cool to.

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