The Unified Tribe Official Review from Toby & Layla: Is it WORTH it?

What’s all the Buzz about the Unified Tribe?

Does it work… Is it Worth It? Read this review and watch the video to get your questions about the Unified Tribe answered.

The Unified Tribe was created by the brilliant Social Media Marketer Katie Freiling. She’d been independantly building her Social Media Tribe for years and just this past April she opened the concept up to the Public.

The idea is VERY simple. All the members of the Unified Tribe help each other by sharing and tweeting other members content to their Social Media followers.

This is what we call CONTENT SYNDICATION on Steriods!

If you are Blogging and trying to build backlinks and get your blog ranking on Google… Syndication is a HUGE part of that.

As a member of the Unified Tribe you’re no longer relying just on your own efforts to build a following on Twitter, Facebook, Digg etc… you can tap into the Unified Tribe Members and instantly increase your exposure.


Click here to see what Katie has to say about the most talked about Tribe on the Internet!

Toby and I do not just recommend services or products unless we have tested them ourselves.

This is how it works:

There is a point system within the Tribe. For every 5 pieces of content YOU share, you’re able to submit one piece of content. So it’s all based on Reciprocity. You help other members, and they will help you out!

We’ve seen many tribes out there, you can find them all over Facebook… here’s the problem. People need to be shown a benefit to syndicating your content. “What’s in it for Me?” Syndrome!

Katie Freiling’s Unified Tribe has been raved about by leaders like Mike Dillard and Jonathan Budd.

Toby and I fully endorse this system as a great way to instantly explode your exposure to the masses. And if you are Branding yourself properly you will see some massive results from the Unified Tribe.


  • Immediate Exposure to Influencial Leader’s Followers (ex. Jonathan Budd, Cedrick Harris, Ray Hidgon)
  • Blog Traffic has DOUBLED in the last two weeks
  • Commenting has DOUBLED in the last two weeks

If you’re NOT branding yourself and you’re still using a Company replicated site then CLICK HERE and see the simple system we use to Brand ourselves and Generate 100+ Leads a Day for our Business.

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  • Lani

    Aloha Layla and Toby, I did get a chance to see you guys there working at the counter and it’s good to see you guys giving a hand. I absolutely enjoyed it and learned from it. Thanks for sharing! Lani

    PS..come visit me anytime. Great to know like minded people..very cool!

  • Charlene Hall

    Great review Layla!!! I have actually been considering her tribe for some time now…Im definitely sold 🙂

  • Dina Spnaos

    Great Info Thank you so much Layla!

  • Chris Bernardo

    Toby and Layla,

    Great post on the Unified Tribe, I love the exposure as well as the new people that are becoming regular readers of my blog!!Love to share and comment on great valued based content like what you are sharing here!

  • Sharon Whyte

    Hi Layla,
    Thanks and yes it is fantastic, I am new to blogging but it is probably the best start I can get. Love your energy and thanks heaps for sharing.

  • Toby & Layla

    Absolutely INCREDIBLE isnt it Angela?

    Seriously recommend checking it out folks.

  • Angela Giles

    I personally know that my traffic has almost doubled…and so have sales……so I will say YES YES unified tribe does work!

    God Bless you Katie for creating this!


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