This Missing Piece That’s Holding You Back from Giving It Everything You’ve Got!

Every morning we turn our car into a University on wheels and this morning something moved us so much that we had to cut this video.

Many that are reading this post own or have owned Tradition, brick and mortar businesses. On average people invest anywhere from $10,000 -$500,000 to open their businesses. When asked, “What did you expect your profit to be in the first year?” most answered ZERO. When asked, “How many hours do you expect to work in the first year?” most answered 40-60 hours a week.

So business owners are willing to invest, sometimes HALF A MILLION DOLLARS upfront, work 60 hours a week, and make no profit for a whole entire year!?

Why does a Network Marketer not see the Million Dollar check within 2 months and then QUIT and say “That Network Marketing doesn’t work!”

What’s the difference?

The difference is the initial investment. Because it only costs a few hundred dollars to start your own business in Network Marketing, people don’t treat it like a real business. When they have half a million dollars invested in something you better believe they are going to give it everything they’ve got!

How can you ensure you and your team treat your Network Marketing organization like a business they’ve invested THOUSANDS in?

Watch this video and learn the Secret!

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  • Robin Marks

    Yes it has to be treated like a business. No one that walks across the stage says to themself “they are just trying it out” or “ill see if it works”…. They are totally sold out on the opportunity and you have to be to make it in this game. Peace

  • Aesha Christian| MLM Tips For Success

    I have been procrastinating for the longest on making a visualization board. I planned to print out pics and put them on a big white board and hang them up…but it is much easier to my intentions on my desktop! So Im on it!

  • Fefe Williams

    hey y’all, awesome post today. I never thought of putting my vision board on my desktop, great idea, keeps it upfront and accessible. As always, rockstars rule!

  • John J Callanan

    Great job Toby and Layla 🙂

  • Tomas Kirk - Business & Marketing Principles For Online Success

    Loved the dream board Toby! Especially the Super Luxury RV for when you and Layla do your music tour. For the wife and myself, we have ours on the fridge and in our office. Thanks for highlighting the importance to visually put our dreams on a board.

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