To Blog or Not to Blog…. Why I stopped Blogging (The Truth)

Does Blogging Work to Build Your Business Online?


Clearly Millions of people are reading blogs every day… Your Blog creates a Home Base, a community around your content, and your brand. A blog allows you to build a PORTAL of training and value that your followers come to Know, Like and Trust.

Once you’ve built a relationship and brand of TRUST on the Internet…. you’ve pretty much cracked the code and set yourself a step above almost 90% of Online Marketers.

So why did I stop blogging for so long? What was the internal conflict I was dealing with?

Press Play on the Video Below to See Why I Stopped Blogging


No Blogging is not a quick fix.

No Blogging is not meant to replace your Offline Marketing.

No Blogging does not see return right away.

No Blogging is not the FASTEST way to build your business.

But Does Blogging Work?

I think you just answered that question yourself.

If YOU would be interested in attending a Blogging Bootcamp, put on by yours truly to simplify the Blogging Process and show you how to Maximize the time you spend on your blog… LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW.


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  • Dezeree Hill

    I am interested in a bootcamp! 🙂

  • Alex Griffee

    I am interested and would like the boot camp

  • LaToya Gay

    I have blogged before but yes I am very interested in participating in the Blogging Bootcamp!!! I am in!!

  • Brian Esbaugh

    Ya Layla, would like to learn more but only if it’s something I will do regularly do and not chew up large amounts of time, kinda busy already but would like to create more of a presence online

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