This is How We Took the “Toby & Layla” Brand Global and Had People Talking About Us All the Way in India!

You read that Title right. The Toby and Layla Brand has gone INTERNATIONAL.

So how can you start branding yourself on a Global scale? How can you get people talking about you all the way in India?  What is the secret to getting your name in the mouths of people in Singapore, India, and Australia?

Local teams are important, and you’ve got to plug into local support…. HOWEVER with the new age of technology you can form relationships that are just as strong through video conferencing, and video email!

Wouldn’t it be cool to wake up in the morning knowing that your team in Hong Kong has been working all through the night making you money while you sleep?

3 Factors that Will Make or BREAK your Brand Globally

1.You Need to Have a Presence Online. The Internet is Changing the way that people do business. So you need to establish an Internet presence to expand your Network to other countries. You will NOT recruit anyone from Singapore by handing out fliers or doing Home Parties.

2.YOU NEED VIDEO MARKETING. There is no ifs ands or BUTS about this. With so much “NOISE” out there on the Internet people are hesitant of who they partner with. If you want to bring in team members Globally they are not just going to hand their credit card over to a Name on a Screen. They have to BELIEVE you are a real person that they Know, Like and Trust!

3. You need to take SERIOUS action. Putting one video up is not going to cut it. If you want people to know your name you have to give them a REASON to remember it. Cut more training videos than anyone else, Connect with more people on Social Networks, write more articles that teach people something, Interview  More Leaders in the industry.

Listen to the Interview Below Where the #1 Network Marketer in India Interviews Us on Our Secrets to Success on a Global Scale.

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  • buff

    oh, and I LOVE the cool, visual format of this little video/audio. Very inviting and fun …
    Best wishes,

  • buff

    It’s obvious that you two are taking the industry by Storm! It’s been inspiring to watch your meteoric rise, even in the short time that I’ve known about you over the past month. I am learning so much from you!

  • Ted Hunsaker

    Great post Toby and Layla! Speaking of taking your business world wide, I just had an MLSP sign up from Malaysia and earned $33 in commissions while I was sleeping.I just love this business. Thanks for posting

  • Eric Burnett

    I see you are rockin’ and your taking your business worldwide… I’m very proud of you toby & layla… you guys have taught me alot about online marketing

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