This Video Is Going to Win Toby and Layla an iPad from Todd Falcone!

The Fearless Networker, the MLM Ninja triumphs over the Evil Pyramid Scheme!

One of our personal friends and Mentors Todd Falcone announced a huge Giveaway of an Apple iPad this Christmas. How do you win? Unfortunately you’re too late…. The Deadline was Sunday December 19… at Midnight. The task was to create a short video showing how an iPad would turn you into a Fearless Networker.

The MLM Ninja proves in this video that she would be a LETHAL WEAPON with the Super Dooper Awesome iPad.

Before you watch this video… think about how creative you get in your Video Marketing. Remember the Top TWO Reasons people come online are:

  • Information

  • Entertainment

So remember to always add an element of Entertainment to your videos to keep your audience interested! If you don’t capture a viewers attention in the first 15 seconds of a Video, you’ve lost them.

Click PLAY and Watch the Video That’s Going to Win Toby and Layla an iPad!

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  • Mike Rao leadership

    Great video and the results are a clear indication of your leadership. The two of you inspire, motivate and make other people better. Great work

  • Eric Burnett

    You and toby are already fearless networkers….lol

  • Ayanna Mitchell

    And Good Triumphs over Evil as always! Great video. Too Funny!

    Thanks for the lesson behind the laugh.


  • Steve Irving

    Oooh it’s the Battle of the Century! 😀

    Thanks for bringing the battleship back to Fun Island.

    You guys are the epitome (or as Ced would say, the “epiphany”) of having FUN doing what y’all love. Having you guys and Ced keeping it real and loving life every step of the way, makes me so DAMN excited about my future and the future of everyone who chooses to run with you.

    Love Always and Respect Always,
    Steve Irving

  • Everett & Angie

    Very entertaining Layla. You guys never cease to amaze. I love it!


  • Kareem Williams

    This is funny but I love it guys. Thanks a million for sharing

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