Toby and Layla Left Their Network Marketing Company? (Are the Rumours True!?)

Toby and I have dealt with our fair share of Rumours. We’ve had competing Leaders in other companies sending out Emails pretending they were from us, We’ve had Uplines desert us, We’ve had people in our Team cross recruit our downlines to Jump Ship…

You name it, we’ve encountered it. The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Network Marketing.

So usually we can just let the stupidity of others roll of our back. But when we have team members that we know and love calling saying they got a “supposed” email from us, or they “heard” a rumour…. it Peeves us off.

This blog post is not only to set the record straight but to let you in on our Secret Rockstar Formula that we use to build our business online. (This is partly why the rumours started in the first place)

To Get the TRUTH about the Rumour Straight from the Horses Mouth, Press Play and LEARN our Secret Rockstar Formula for Building a Massive Brand Online.

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  • Corina Beckby

    Hey Layla! It’s amazing how fast rumors will fly from those who are not achieving the success they had hoped for. Instead of competing and TRYING to knock you down, they should lock arms with you guys and learn the beauty of complimenting the work instead of trying to compete. Awesome video in setting the rumors straight! By the way, I didn’t hear of the rumor, so those people must have been deleted from my list a while back! ;-D Good to know I don’t have their negative energy in my life! 😉 Rock on Lady Layla!

  • April Marie Tucker

    This is great!! i was kind of worried lol!! I just joined MVT and I am under you guys! Would like to know how I can get in the rockstar training? Thanks Toby and Layla 🙂

  • Vineet Gupta

    you had really catch TITLE for this post 😉

  • Joe Sandy

    Wow! Nice grabbing tagline! I had to see what was up with you guys. Ok, you got me!! Well done you two.

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