Toby & Layla Give Hope to Thousands This Thanksgiving

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We want to wish everyone the most amazing day this Thanksgiving. So we’re sharing a special gift with you today. It’s a gift that a lot of people could use right now. It’s a gift that would change a lot of peoples’ lives today. It’s a gift for you….


We won’t go on an on with a bunch of text in this post today because the VIDEO below explains everything….

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  • Sue Hanson

    Layla, I just got back from being out of town for Thanksgiving to find this inspirational video in my in box. Being part of the MVT Rockstars with you and Toby is such a blessing. I am so thankful to be part of the team. My husband’s work week just got cut down to four days a week and being part of this amazing team gives me such reassurance as we bolster our fiancial house.

  • Tabatha Ricketts


    Wow, you made me cry with such an inspirational message during such a hard-time for many!

    I’m so “Thankful” that I was introduced to this awesome Team by Rianta Cofer! Who ever knew that in such a short time span I would feel like I have a true business family.

    Thanks for all you do! I’m so inspired by you and Toby!!!

  • Toby & Layla

    If you have a moment…. read through these comments.

    It truly is amazing. The lives that are changing because of what we’re doing with the Rockstar Team… Toby and I are absolutely speachless.

    Thank you all for your incredibly amazing stories, and the inspiration.

    Read these posts guys, they say it all!

    Toby & Layla

  • Kareem Williams

    I have to agree with Robin on this one,, this is an awesome post on this Day of Thanksgiving.I am honor to view this post.

  • Eric Burnett

    Thanks for sharing so much knowledge and value to everyone in this network marketing community. I don’t know what I would do without toby & layla.

  • Philip Blackett

    Dear Lord,

    Thank you for the following:
    1) Life
    2) Family & Friends
    3) Rockstars like Toby & Layla



  • Mark Brown

    Lalya, what and amazing message. I have to agree being apart of this team has given my self a sense of community and belonging that I could not find anywhere. Its refreshing to be apart of a team that actually is out to give people HOPE on many levels as you said. 🙂

    Thank you both so much and to all my teammates thank you as well I am honored to involved with such a high caliber of people.

    Mark Brown

  • Robert Stritzinger


    I worked 13 hours yesterday and 12 hours the day before. As a chef, my team and I cooked a five course dinner for over 700 people yesterday. Every inch of my body is sore today and I am on my way back to work. I love the challenges and rewards of being a chef but I am 51 yrs old and working on my feet 50-60 hours a week is not what I want to do with my time any longer. I have had a dream of financial freedom for four years. I have spent $38,000.00 in the last 2 years on training in real estate, internet marketing, business development, inspirational ebooks and 2 internet businesses. A lot of that money was well spent but, none of it spent on making money on the internet has not gotten me anywhere.

    Financial freedom with passive income has been my burning desire for the past 2 years and I have not had the time for much else. I lost a girlfriend who I dearly loved because of it and all my friends think I am crazy for “throwing my money away” and “wasting my time.”

    Since Toby and you sponsored me into MLSP, I finally feel that I am on a path to reach my goal. I am having a blast networking with lots of awesome people, have re-affirmed my passion for internet marketing, am gaining the knowledge, tools and confidence to lead others to be successful and am truly excited about a product I can have fun with as well as feel good about the value it holds in the marketplace. Everyone I have met on the Rockstar team is an ispiration and you and Toby dazzle, inspire and amaze me practially every day. Thank you for the extreme value and inspiration you provide on a daily basis.


  • Raymar

    Watched the video above and tried to sign up for your boot camp and all i get is an error message saying some thing about an internal error and the connection can not be made. I am not sure if that is an internal problem on my computer or somewhere in the connection process. Help I am a computer newbie I will check back tomorrow night after work and see if i can get connected then. Love your videos and webinars.

  • Ayanna Mitchell

    Every person on this Rockstar team has a story. Thanks so much for sharing 2 examples of the amazing people who have come together to help each other run – climb – crawl – skip (whatever) to the top of success as each of defines it for ourselves. Many people talk team – few actually do team. I truly believe in the law of seed time and harvest. We reap what we sowe. This amazing team sowes into the lives of each other and therefore each of us will reap a harvest of monumental success if we fail not and keep making steps every day to get there. No Rockstar left behind! :0)

    Happy Thanksgiving Toby, Layla, and the Rockstar Family.


  • John Champion

    Toby and Layla

    You guys really do rock…

    Hope and Dreams are all we have at the end of the day!!!


  • Toby & Layla

    @Laurie,Fran and emi…. We couldn’t have done it without your love and support!

    This blog post is getting me emotional!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you

  • Kelly

    Wow Layla what a perfect message at a perfect time. You inspire so many and give so many hope. Not only that you give us the tools to change our lives for the better. Thank you very much.

  • Laurie and Fran Black

    This 2010 Thanksgiving has to be the very best for the Black Family and the Staats Family in Canada.
    The pride we feel for our boy – Toby and our new daughter to be – Layla can not be measured.
    Their energy and determination is epic.
    They are truly bringing hope to our two family’s as well as many, many hundreds more.

    Thank you. Laurie, Fran and Emily Black

  • Joyce - Honolulu

    Aloha Toby & Layla,
    You are on fire! I’m so thankful you’ve taken on the leadership of the Rockstar Team and are sharing your passion with us, believing in us, and spreading HOPE to us all. We can change others live for the better, and leave legacies for our family!
    Mahalo for all you do.

  • Toby & Layla

    Wow…. what a great bunch of comments!!!

    Thank you for sharing that moment with us.

    To know that we’ve impacted your lives…. it’s the most amazing feeling.

    Cheers everyone. Enjoy the ones you love today!

    Toby & Layla

  • Lyn and Billy

    Layla, Great video ! Very Inspiring and definitely the message on this special day. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Toby and Daddy Black !!

  • Janet Garcia

    Thanks for that video. The one thing you should never lose is HOPE!

  • Golda Smith

    Layla, I had to step away from cooking to tell you how powerful that was. It takes just one person to inspire change and you and Toby have touched so many people and continue to be a blessing. This Team is a joy to collaborate with so on this day (everyday for that matter) I give thanks to all that you do.

    To Your Continued Success,


  • Monica D. Williams

    Layla, I stand in appreciation of your spirit. I will be joining the Rockstars team very soon, because I feel that it is a movement not just in network marketing and making money, but because I feel it is part of a shift that is happening on the planet right now of true passion, true integrity, true compassion and true wealth. I have been shifting in my own evolution and it is gaining tremendous momentum. Oooh, you feel that! (LOL)

    I thank you for this beautiful video post.

  • Corina Beckby

    I am thankful for all your love, passion and energy! You and Toby are just wonderful inspirations to so many and I am extremely proud to be a member of our ROCKSTAR TEAM! With so many of us with different instruments, playing the songs in our souls, and with the fire in our bellies, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! Let’s HOPE Everyone! 😉

    Much Love,

  • Doug Slates

    Great Message Layla, You and Toby continue to dazzle all of us and i appreciate the wisdom,leadership and inspiration. A Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  • Shelley Alexis

    This is a great post! I love the MVT Rockstar Team. Its not only a business but it is giving people “HOPE” to change their lives.

  • Steve Lewey

    Toby and Layla;
    You guys are Truly an inspiration! I have been involved in other organizations before, but NEVER have experienced a True Team as I have in my brief time with MVT and the Rockstars! Thank you for showing us the way; I look forward to joining you in sharing Hope with others.

    Thankful for You and the Rockstar Team this Thanksgiving;


  • Rachael Macgregor

    Awesome! I am thankful for you and Toby giving us the chance to live this crazy life where he doesn’t have to go to WORK! LOVE this team!

  • Robin Williams

    Layla, this is an awesome post on this Day of Thanksgiving. I am grateful to you and Toby for the sincere leadership that you generously GIVE. Our team is Living in a Constant State of H.O.P.E = Helping Other People Excel.

    Love You,


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