Toby & Layla: I am So Proud Of Layla

Hello Rock Stars,

Toby & Layla’s webinar is tonight at 9pm EST. Thought I would make sure you know about it.

I am doing this post today because I am so proud of Layla and the leader she is. If you haven’t seen over the past few weeks Layla has been putting together an army/movement for Women here in the MLM Industry.

This is a collection of the Top Female Leaders in Internet and Network Marketing that have banded together to change a lot of lives! These women include the Video Queen Mia Davies, the Marketing Lioness Amy Jo Neal, and our Powerhouse Facebook Queen Sabrina Walker!

It’s taking Layla a lot of hard work and determination but just like anything worth doing, she has seen great results and they are just getting started.

Make sure to check out not only our webinar (Toby & Layla) tonight at 9pm est but the ladies empowerment webinar at 10pm est.

For All Of Toby & Layla’s Inside ‘Never

Been Seen Before’ Facebook PPC Secrets

Be On This Webinar Tonight @ 9pm EST

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  • Deb

    @Veneranda YES, empowering a women eliminates limits. I’ll share a link here that tells of some heaven sent people that are in Bangladesh – an over populated, poor, uneducated country – teaching illiterate mothers to read and write and then how to teach others. This is free to the adult students with the condition that they teach five children.

  • Eric Burnett

    Congrats Toby & Layla… Don’t forget to send my invitation to the wedding… LOL


  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks guys… isn’t she awesome 🙂

    That’s Why I was smart and asked her to marry me.


  • Veneranda Nikwigize

    Wooooow! An online marketer women mouvement can,t leave me behind. No way!
    It looks to be powerful and successful. Teach a woman is teaching a nation; hold on, this will be explosive!

  • Lani

    It is very sweet! And great information and true words to persist and never Quit!

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