Toby & Layla Quit MLM Forever…

Sometimes you just feel like quitting… Two days ago I (Toby) had one of those days…

I was fighting with Verizon on the phone while trying to get our wireless internet up and running at the office…and the whole time I am thinking of how much time I was wasting doing this…so I felt like Arrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh I Quit…

But luckily I had Layla there to help me remember to just Breathe and relax…

We all go through entrepreneurial Challenges every now and again…BUT it’s how you react to the situation decided where or not YOU will make it in this game of Business…

Guys if your banner isn’t looking as perfect as you want it…That’s no reason to quit…. If your capture page font isn’t as nice as you had pictured it…That’s no reason to quit… If your number 1 prospect, who you knew who would come in and tear it up doesn’t do anything…That’s no reason to quit…

If Your Why Is Big Enough To Make YOU Cry, There Will Never Be a Challenge Too Big For YOU!

Remember not to take this game of life too seriously cause YOU will never get out alive.

It’s ok to Quit… As long as the next day you get back on the horse and keep cranking it out… Always say to yourself…Continue Until…

Check out this Powerful video I shot for you guys.

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  • James Ratcliffe

    Yeah I’ve quit several times a day. But never “FOREVER”!!
    Love the comics. doodle

  • Alex Tarris

    I am with MVT also and live in Austin, TX. I would love to learn more specifically about how you did so well with our company.


    Alex Tarris

  • timothy willan

    Way to go! Good to know things are going great! Don’t forget friends in fl.

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