Toby & Layla’s Secret That Makes the Difference Between Success and Failure in Network and Internet Marketing

After a Power Packed Leadership Training last night with the Rockstar Team… the energy was SO powerful, and the feedback was SO awesome … we knew we had to do a Blog Post.

What is the one characteristic that all successful people possess? What makes the difference between an unsuccessful and a successful person in any industry? The reason they are more successful, the reason they have more money in their bank account is because they offered more VALUE to the world. So how do you become someone of Value? You pay attention to this blog post….

Before we get into the Ultimate Reading List for Rockstar Success in Network and Internet Marketing…

Before we give you the books and audios that have changed our lives…

Before we unveil our secret library that allowed 2 Broke Musicians to get out of the Basement of a Bar… and make a 5 Figure a Week income in 1 Year Online…

Watch this Important Video Message from Layla:

The Toby & Layla Mastermind Library to Mastering The True Secret to Success:

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  • Crush It – Gary Vaynerchuck: This book is absolutely CRITICAL to anyone who is looking to monetize their passions on the Internet. If you are marketing ANYTHING online, this book will change your perspective on how you literally can make money in any genre on the Internet
  • Awaken the Giant Within – Anthony Robbins: A must read because it will allow you to tap into the Real Person you are and show you everything you’re capable of.
  • Grow Younger, Live Longer – Deepak Chopra: This book is vital for understanding and living a full and balanced life full of inspiration and growth. Deepak covers all aspects of life from diet, to exercise, to mindset and meditation.
  • Your First Year in Network Marketing – Mark & Rene Yarnell: We were lucky enough to get a copy of this book early on in our Network Marketing career and thank goodness! Every Newbie in this industry must read this book and it will put the first year in perspective and give them the real information they need and will prevent your new reps from QUITTING.
  • Creating Lasting Change – Anthony Robbins (Audio): This CD Series changed our lives. We all know we’re on a Mission to become a better person, but never has the Process to Change yourself and OTHERS been presented in such a powerful and thought provoking way. This is an essential part of the Rockstar Library.
  • The Ultimate Sales Letter – Dan Kennedy: If there is ONE book that can completely explode your skills in Effective Sales Copy… THIS IS IT. Recommended by Mike Dillard and Daegan Smith, this book is an easy read that opens your eyes to how powerful effective Sales Copy is for your business.
  • Creating the Magic – Jerry Clark (Audio): One of the Most Moving Speakers on the topic of Self Development that we’ve ever seen. He breaks everything down to such a simple formula, you’ll be amazed you didn’t think of it yourself. But the power is in the simplicity. This is a MUST LISTEN.

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  • Ron Maurer

    Great to see you guys in Vegas! Thanks for the post. It was good to see that I’m on track with ya on many of the titles… and to have a list that will help fill in what I’m missing as well!
    Thanks for this and everything you keep bringing to the table!

  • Monica

    So true – unless we work on our mindset we will get no where. Thanks for the reminder – always a vital message. And the reading list looks great – have several on the way from Amazon! See you at the top!

  • jaime Mondestin

    hello guys this post is awesome. I never knew how easy for you to gain such outstanding results. Thanks for the value and nuggets. Know I have to minimize you guys while apply your tips.

    See yah

  • chris tuttle


    that was fantastic information and suggestive reading, I appreciate it. I have an ipod that is filled with nothing but training(internet marketing,copywriting, sponsoring) and I listen to it at work. I could listen to music, but I wouldn’t be learning anything or getting closer to my goals. Thanks for list of resources, I have some Anthony Robbins but I have always wanted to get ‘Crush It”. See you guys on tonight’s webinar and I have inviting a few guests of my own.

    Chris Tuttle

  • Jordan

    Killer time-testing and proved message Layla (and Toby). It’s funny, I was just thinking about everything you presented here and thinking that I needed to pull out some of my old books to “re-brand” my mind again. Glad to get some of your favorites, I will def add to my list. Thanks! God bless you guys!

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