Tony Robbins: The 6 Human Needs and How to Understand Them to Shape Your Relationships

As many of you know Toby & I are simultaneously going through the Tony Robbins collection. Creating Lasting Change is our current Self Development project.

OUR MISSION: To Become More Effective Leaders, Become Agents of Change, Be Able to Come Into Any Situation and Make a Difference.

Why Do People Do What They Do?

There are 3 Filters that effect us. Understanding Human Needs, Understanding Human Beliefs, Understand the Emotions That You Become Habitually Addicted.

So what are the 6 Human Needs?

(Keep in Mind that Any Thought, Belief or Behaviour that sustains 3 or more of these Needs becomes a habit.)

  • Certainty: Some people need that Certainty that they can avoid pain and have comfort or pleasure. How do people get certainty? Example 1: Work Really Hard to Master Something So There is No Uncertainty That YOU Are the Best! Example 2: Lower Your Expectations. If you’re certain that it won’t work anyway you satisfy this need.
  • Uncertainty: We Need Variety to Feel Alive. How do people get variety? Anything that changes your state. Different Foods, a new book, having a conversation with someone new.
  • Significance: To Feel Unique, Important, and Special. EVERYONE has these needs, but what Beliefs about how to meet this need? Example 1: Serving and making a difference in the world Example 2: Dominating
  • Connection: Love is in our DNA. Do you meet the need for connection in Neutral ways, Negative Ways, or Empowering Ways.

These 4 are the Needs of the Personality… EVERYONE FINDS a Way to meet the first 4 Needs in someway but Not Everyone Meets the Last 2. The Ultimate Needs.

  • Growth: Everything in the world is growing or dieing. It’s a constant process ocuring in life. Reason that we grow is to satisfy the next Need…
  • Contribution: We GROW so we have something to give. What makes you feel alive is to know it’s MORE than just you. You are making a meaningful impact on others.

ONLY Difference in People is: Which of these needs do you value MOST?

Anthony Robbins asked us to look inside of ourselves and really evaluate which 2 Needs we feel we Value Most…. So we want to show you that EVEN L4’s (wink wink) do their Homework.

Layla: My Top 2 Needs That I Value Most are Probably Connection & Contribution. I feel the most important part of life is the connections we make. But sometimes my need for Love makes me a bit of a softy LOL. I am a recovering Nice Girl as Mr. Combs would say. Contribution is my Ultimate Need. I want to know that I made an impact on as many people as Possible!

Toby: I do Value Certainty, I want to work hard to be sure that my family will be taken care of and enjoy life. I also truly value growth and constantly striving to be a better person, a better leader, and a better partner to Layla.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK…. Leave a Comment with Your Top 2 Needs… Understanding is the First Step 🙂

(Our Next Tony Robbins Training….. The 3 Decisions that Shape Your Destiny!)

Keep Rocking n Rolling,

Toby & Layla

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  • karl the dj

    think mine is growth and certainty… i guess that is where i am at right now in life. Thanks for sharing guys

  • nicholas

    Hi Toby &Layla, great start on your blog. Keep the dream alive and it will come true

  • Maria Eves

    Certainty,Uncertainty,Significance,Connection,Growth,Contribution.This is pretty powerful info Toby & Leyla. Wow I would say connection and contribution also. I read it over and over again. Very nice luv it.

    You Two Certainly ROCK!

  • Toby & Layla

    We had Tony on our iphones and in our ear the entire cruise. Life Changing~

    To-do lists are great…. but my fav… turning my to-do list into a TO-DONE list~

  • Shannon Perry-Stiner

    i am so glad you guys are doing this training. I feel like an old chapter of my life has been re-awakened. It’s been years since I was really involved with the teachings of Tony Robbins after seeing him live twice. I wanted to go through Mastery University but never did. Now that’s back on my to-do list. Thank you for lighting the fire again with Tony Robbins. I would say at the moment my 2 greatest needs are significance and growth. But know that your needs can change at will pending on where you are in life and as you evolve into the person you were always meant to be.

  • Virginia

    Hi Toby &Layla, great post, I’m sure ur both haveN a Blast. Key for me is when I lower my expectations and disregard my rights , my serenity level riseS 🙂 Enjoy

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