Top 5 WordPress Plugins for a Blog That ROCKS!

What are the best WordPress Plugins to install for your blog? Which Plugins will allow you to Generate the most LEADS from your WordPress Blog?

This little blog your on right now, might not look EXTREMELY fancy…. because it’s not. We did not hire anyone to create it, we simply found FREE TOOLS online to help us create it ourselves. We realized that people come to your blog for the invaluable content, not because you have the fanciest header at the top.

So even though it’s not Super Tricked Out… we still get about 1000-2000 unique visitors a day, AND generate around 100 FREE Leads a Day… just from that traffic. What does that tell you?

PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT WE’RE TELLING YOU …. LOL We know what we’re talking about 🙂

Watch this Tutorial Video to See the WordPress Blog Plugins that WE HIGHLY Recommend!


  • All in One SEO Pack: Rather than worrying about coding in key words to your title and meta description, the All in One SEO Pack allows you to fill everything in easily as you create your blog post.
  • Digg Digg: The best WordPress SHARE Button that we’ve seen. Blog followers can EASILY share your content with their followers. If you have a tricky to use share button, no one will share it.
  • Popup Domination: The Best Pop Up on the net for a low price. Generate hundreds of leads with a professional looking pop up offer. CLICK HERE TO GET IT (Limited Time $10 Discount when you hit ESC Key)
  • Pretty Link: Shrink Track and share any url on the internet by using YOUR Blog url.
  • Thank Me Later: Automatically Sends Thank you and follow up emails to those that comment on our blog. This engages visitors to check back and leave comments often.
  • WP OnlyWire Auto Poster: Autosubmits your posts to all major social bookmarking sites through Onlywire.

Take Action…

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  • Tanisha

    i will use these i like the pretty link one best

  • Etieno Etuk

    Awesome value, Layla. Everyone who has a blog needs to be aware of these cool plugins. These plugins make blogging fun and rewarding because they make it easier and more convenient for you to engage your readers.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Vibha


    Its Awesome.. Thanks for this valuable post. 🙂

  • Ayanna Mitchell

    Thanks to your amazing 7 day Dirty Little Blogging Secrets Bootcamp and being a stalker about implementing the tips you provide via your blog – I am so excited to say that I use every one of the plugins you reference in the video! Yay! I also have to say that they help me get traffic and have dropped my Alexa ranking like a broken elevator. :o)

    Thanks as always for your leadership.

  • Sonny Lanorias

    Hey Rockstars,

    Those plug ins are indeed beneficial. Thanks for sharing it. I just wanted to add another one that I think is also pre-requisite and its called seopressor. This plug in also rocks like a rockstar. Thanks again =)


  • David Emil Lombard

    Oh Ya! I’ve been using your blog trainings the last couple weeks as I’ve switched my joomla site over and finally have a legit WordPress blog. Its great having stellar tips as a WP beginner from you guys. I’ve definitely seen my DMO lose a little balance learning it all, but its all perfect. Got PopUpDom & SEOPressor…no clue how to use the latter yet 🙂 Thanks again, Layla!

  • Karen Monasingh

    Hi Layla,
    Again, you certainly over deliver on content and true information that can boost your reader’s success. I will definitely will implement and share your knowledge with others. Kudos… You both Rock!

  • Andy Rockwell

    Great advice, i surely will have these top plug-ins tried out and see how they can help me with my blogging. For all that its worth, thank you very much.

  • Derrick Strode

    Great information. What are your thoughts on Platinum SEO and Plugin Central?

  • Karen Marrow


    This is great information. I have a couple of the plugins you mention, but I will definitely get the others. I appreciate all the value you offer!

    Have a very blessed day!!!


  • Mike Rao-Leadership Coach

    wow, great plugins. As always, useful information to help my business. Thank you very much

  • Joe Young

    thanks so much!
    Great new plugins I did not have before but yes very effective.


  • Heather C Stephens

    Hi Layla!

    Great blog and fantastic video! I use some of the plugins you suggested but I’ll be checking out a couple of the others you mentioned. Thanks for the valuable training!


  • Rocky Vertone

    I can’t stand all of this information and value anymore from you guys!


    PS… Joking

  • Kimberly Flores

    Thats what I’m talkin’ about!

    I’ve implemented all these tactics and have already seen results.
    Thanks Guys!


  • Tommy and Salinda Howell

    The funny part of this is the first thing I thought when coming to the blog today was “Where the heck did they get that pop-up???” You almost got a text before I read the blog. Awesome guys!!

  • Delois McKay

    Thanks Layla for sharing this important info. I appreciate your efforts to help others to succeed. God bless you and family. 🙂

  • Bill Shoemaker

    Must know info for bloggers!

    Thank You

  • Matson Magleby

    Great post today Layla!

  • Eric Burnett

    Hey Layla, this is a great post, everyone that does blogging needs to know how these great plugins can help them montize their blog and be successful with it. thanks for sharing this great info.


  • Angela Carter

    Thank you for giving out amazing content once again. I started using the OnlyWire plugin on one of my websites and saw a big increase in traffic. It was amazing. Now I will have to add the prettylink plugin and popup domination. I will take action 🙂

  • Tanisha

    I was on the wake up call and you guys sure know what you are talking about.. i look forward to hearing more from you guys very soon

  • Kai

    I have blogger 🙁

  • Sherman Smith

    Thanks for this valuable post. I use a couple of these plugins and they have been working wonders!

    Have a great day!


  • Steve

    How do we get the book on facebook, please? Great video on 5 Plugins.
    SBH & SMH

  • Toby & Layla

    TAKING ACTION NOW. That’s what we like to hear Shelley!
    Those are INCREDIBLE results Kelly. You are on a Roll… Keep the Momentum!
    George you just flat out ROCK. Your story is so inspiring. Let’s make it happen for you Rockstar.

  • Karmen Olmo

    This is a great post guys. Thanks for sharing it!

    karmen Olmo

  • Kelly Suchey

    Oh my gosh – I am literally adding plugins to my new blog following the bootcamp. I had to stop and watch this to make sure I was getting them all. From the changes I have made to my old blog (which is not wordpress) my alexa ranking has climbed to less than 500K in the US. Wait until I get it converted to wordpress and tweak according to the training! I’m going to be shooting for less than 100K next.

    Thanks for all the value. Kelly

  • George Lugo

    AWESOME GIVEAWAYS! You truly give nothing but Pure Value and that’s why I follow you.
    Thank You
    George A Lugo Jr.

  • Shelley Alexis

    This is what I call VALUE!! I can’t believe you are telling Everyone this awesome!! I’m taking action NOW!! 🙂 Thanks Layla

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