Top Leaders in Visalus Crushing Records in 2012 – How We Use Facebook to Grow the Team

Who are the Top Leaders in Visalus?

Considering the Body By Vi Challenge is the #1 Health Challenge in North America….

Considering that 100,000 people joined the Challenge in January…

Considering that hundreds of Celebrities, Athletes, and Fitness Experts have joined the Challenge…

Odds are, you’ve probably heard of Visalus.

But the question that a lot of people who are considering joining the Challenge are thinking right now is: “Who are the Top Leaders in Visalus?”

We want to do a quick test….

Look at this picture and tell us the first thing that pops in your head when you See It.

Okay so maybe you need more proof.

Look at this Infograph of our first 14 Days in Visalus…. (Many of these numbers have Doubled now at the 30 day mark)

The Second Question that’s on Everyone’s Mind, “How did we become the Top Leaders in Visalus so Quickly?”

  • Did we bring over a giant team from our last company? NO. Approximately 85% of the team has never worked in a Network Marketing company with us before. Some of them had permanently retired from MLM and said they’d never do it again… yet they joined our team.

  • Did we do some crazy internet trick and turn on a 1000 leads for Visalus in a day? NO. Even though we have one of the most skilled and advanced Internet Marketing teams, the honest truth is, many of our leaders have not even “blasted” their entire lists…. and are throwing Weekly Challenge Parties! Click Here to See Why Our Challenge Parties are Actually Working!

  • We must have taught everyone on our team how to BLOG, Right? Nope… majority of our Team members don’t even have their own blog, and many of them are working full time and wouldn’t have time to learn it if they wanted to.

Well… we’re going to share one of our secrets with you here today… so pay close attention.

But before I share one of the most powerful tools we’ve used to create Massive Duplication in our team, I want to tell you one thing. This team has thrown over 150 Challenge Parties in the last month. (You definitely want to take a note of that…..) Think about the massively duplicating downlines through out the history of our industry…. do you see a trend?

Did we use Facebook? YES…

Okay, so Press Play to See How the Top Leaders in Visalus Use “Big Blue” (aka Facebook) to Grow our Team and Create Viral Exposure. (Warning: This Strategy will NOT WORK if You are Not Helping People Get Promoted in Your Team)

Click Here to Register for the Duplication Webinar on Wednesday Feb 22, @ 9PM EST. Only the first 100 Registrants will get access to the Duplication Top 10 Checklist so Register Now and Don’t Be Late Because We Have a 500 Person CAP on this Webinar.

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