Top Producer’s Wife Slept With David Wood Last Night for this Formula!

David Wood Layla Black Toby BlackIt is rumoured that wife of Toby Black, lead singer in the band Sons of Revelry, slept with David Wood last night (anonymous tip).

Is it true?

Sources claim the Top Producer Formula was to blame.

Was Layla Black willing to go to bed with Industry Genius, David Wood… just to get her hands on this formula?

What exactly is in this formula?

Top Producers have collaborated to share exactly how they generating leads, converting those leads into sales, and growing massive organizations.

You might be asking yourself,  do you have to sleep with David Wood to get it?

How much is it going to cost me to get my hands on that formula?

Press Play to See Why Toby Black’s Wife Slept

With David Wood Lastnight.


Ready to Put Your BIG MAC ON THE LINE? (If you have no idea what I am talking about you obviously didn’t watch the video)


This is your chance to finally step into the mind of one of the most BADASS recruiters on the Internet. David Wood has been baffling industry leaders for years, ever since the hippie looking flip flop wearing surfer dude started exploding in commissions… when only months before had been living in his VAN.

top producer formulaThey scratched their heads.

He’s finally put all of his secrets, the critical mistakes, and all of his mind altering MAGIC into this Formula… and it’s being released to the masses.

“You have ALWAYS been a Top Producer, you just had the wrong Formula.” – Layla Black

Why would we share this formula with the masses?

Because it’s time someone told the truth about what to expect when it comes to making money online. It’s time that the struggling marketer and baffled business owner get access to this formula too.

So do yourself a favour…. don’t take the slow route to the life of your dreams, plug directly into the Top Producer Formula.



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  • Toby & Layla

    SERIOUSLY high level education!!!

  • Toby & Layla

    HAHAHAHA it’s all about the headlines lol.

  • sheena

    i slept with him too, SCANDAL!

  • Laura

    I got TPF and it’s freakin’ amazing. Such clear, easy to grasp concepts. Perfect instruction for the newbie and always needed reminders for the pros.

  • kenee

    LOVE the title! Very catchy……This formula is going to help so many! Looking forward to it!

  • Alecia Stringer

    The right formula is key! Going down too many roads is not fun! Great post!

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