Top Producer Formula: What the HECK is a Live MicroLaunch?

The Top Producer Formula is available for Affiliates ONLY for the next 9 Days.

top producer formula empowerThis Live Microlaunch is sweeping the internet like a crazed brush fire. But what is a Live Microlaunch?

First things First, if you’re experienced in the home business industry… you’ve probably heard of David Wood. We first met him on a webinar 5 years ago. People ask us how we made the shift from Broke Musicians, living in the basement of a bar… to TOP PRODUCERS in this industry. It all changed when we started to follow Dave.

I remember him walking into a hotel meeting.. and the BIG WIGS gathered at the back, in their fancy suits, and shiny cuff links were laughing at this surfer lookin’ guy, with long hair, shorts, and flipflops.

They laughed, until he hit the #1 Recruiter in the company within his first month.

Wouldn’t you like access to his Top Producer Formula?

They scratched their heads trying to figure out how he did it.

This guy has done $100,000,000 in sales in the last 2 years. (Your Results May Vary: View our Income Disclosure here)

So ya, we can’t guarantee you’ll become a Top Producer like Dave… but you would like to know how he did it, right?

Every company, every product, every system this surfer guy touched… he was dominating. He was a sponsoring MACHINE. Where did he find all these people? How did he get them to join his team?

You’re going to find out.

David Wood FAILED for yeeeeeeears and years and years, selling gel vitamins and soaps, until he learned THIS.

The Top Producer Formula is opening a can of worms on the Internet. Most of the Marketers in the IM space are hoping you never learn this stuff. Why wouldn’t they want you to learn how to sponsor a ton of people? Why wouldn’t they want you to earn commissions? Why wouldn’t the Guru’s want you to be successful?

Because they FEED off of your Struggle (literally, they are paying for their $100 steak with your Money)

“Most of the ‘David Woods’ that you’ll ever sponsor… they’re nobodies right now” – David Wood

Maybe you don’t have the results you want in your business yet. Maybe it hasn’t been as easy as you thought. Let me ask you this important question:

Do You Believe You Are a Top Producer? Do You Have a Top Producer INSIDE OF YOU?

Even if you’re uncertain about the answer, even if you’re riddled with self doubt and disbelief, even if you’ve QUIT the industry and hung up the towel already, by the time you get to Module 13 – ALL OF THAT WILL CHANGE.

Aug 23 the Live Microlaunch for the Top Producer Formula goes live to the public.

Do yourself a favour….

Click Here to Register for Your Seat on the Live Microlaunch

Don’t just go through this course, but




Much Love,

 <3 BLT

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  • kenee

    Pure awesomeness! Looking forward to it!

  • Alecia Stringer

    Yes, I like how this is introduced. It lets us see realistic numbers in promotion and feature who is reaching to be a top producer. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  • sheena

    awesome post layla, im so glad i got the top producer formula. Already went through the first 2 modules and it was pure badass!

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