UVioO Review: Can You Make Money Sharing Stupid Videos? (An Insider View)

UVioO Review: Can You Make Money Sharing Stupid Videos?

UvioO is not a new website, but with the recent EXPLOSION in Online Video Sharing more and more people are talking about UvioO. Basically the concept is:  you can make money by simply sharing videos found on the site, or throughout the internet with their UvioO Toolbar.
Making money with UvioO is very easy since you do not have to create your own videos. You select a video from the many listed on their site and share it with your friends, family or in social networks.
So how does Uvioo make money? They sell advertising space to advertisers through  videos sharing and you get paid a certain percentage of the revenue gotten from the advertisers.

How to Earn Money with Uvioo:

GET THIS… I decided to sign up for UvioO just to see what it was all about. I shared ONE VIDEO. It was the youtube link of a live Google Hangout I’d done with some awesome marketers. (If you want to be a fly on the wall and check out the hangout click here)

I know what you’re thinking.

“Yeah but then you sent that video out to your list of a gazillion people and did all your super ninja marketing so a trazillion people watched it”

Nope. I simply shared it ONCE on facebook and I think only 4 people liked it and one commented (so it’s not as if it was a VIRAL post)

Want to know what I really did?????

I surfed around the funny videos on he UvioO site and almost peed my pants because I was laughing so hard.

SIDENOTE: Have you seen the American Idol FART video???? (Bookmark this one)

If you can see there in the top right corner… I shared one video, and peed my pants a little, and made $11 … then $20…. DOING SOMETHING I WAS GOING TO DO ANYWAY.

So How Do You Make Money Sharing Videos?

You register on UvioO website, select videos and start sharing them with your friends or in social networks. Every video that you share has your username embedded in it and how much money you make will depends on  how active you are in promoting and sharing your videos.
There are 6 ways to earn from UvioO;
1.   Paid Per Share
2.   Paid Per View
3.   Paid Per Connect (Per Free Member Sign Ups)
4.   Reach Checkpoints
5.   Acquire Gold Positions
6.   Upgrade to Pro
The last 3 are upgrades and optional assets that you can acquire to significantly increase your income and earn more money.

Reach Checkpoints
You reach checkpoint after your videos get a certain number of views. When you reach a certain checkpoint, it simply means you have presold an ad space. For example, if you reach a checkpoint of $10, it means Uvioo has presold ad space worth $10 while the cost of that space is only $5.You are allowed to acquire that trascation but you will have to pay the initial cost. You will pay $5 and you automatically receive $10 in your Paycheck. Note that, the amount that you recieve drop by $1 every 24 hours.  If you do not pay the $5 within the first 24 hours, after 24 hours, you will still pay $5 but you will receive $9 on your Paycheck instead of 10.
In addition to receiving cash, you also receive ad credits. For example, when you pay $5, you receive $10 in cash, plus 500 ad credits to advertise your ad 500 times on UVioO.

Uvioo Pro Upgrade
You will earn everytime anyone of your visitors upgrade to Pro but you will need to be a Pro member yourself in order to cash in. As a Pro member, you will also enjoy unlimited ad space under all the videos you have shared.
  • You make $5.00 on everyone of your visitors who joins or upgrades as a Pro member for a 10-Day Trial.
  • You make $5.00 on everyone of your visitors who joins or upgrades as a Pro member for a month and $5.00 every month, thereafter.
  • You make $10.00 on everyone of your visitors who joins or upgrades as a Pro member for 3 Months and $10.00 on every 3-month renewing cycle.
  • You make $20.00 on everyone of your visitors who joins or upgrades as a Pro member for a full year.

Uvioo Pro Upgrade Fee
Uvioo has three different types of membership;
  • Fixed membership fee – cost of $93.24/year (25¢ a day)
  • Monthly Pro membership fee – $27.77/month
  • A 10-day trial is available for only $7.77 per month.

UvioO Tool Bar
To enjoy other UviooO features, you can install UvioO tool bar. UvioO tool bar offers more than 1000’s of FREE apps, utilities, games, music, videos, etc. There are more apps available on UVioO than there are apps built for the iPhone and Blackberry combined.Apart from the Apps, other important feature of UvioO tool bar is the share button. Once you install the tool bar, it converts Youtube and Dailymotion video links into a UvioO link with your username embedded in it. So everytime you’re on Youtube or Dailymotion and you are watching a video you would like to share, you simply use the green Share button on your toolbar.You will get paid for sharing that YouTube or Dailymotion video. The more often you use UvioO toolbar to share videos, the more money you can make.UvioO Payment Processors
Uvioo accepts Visa and Mastercard for depositing. You can withdrawal by either using Payza or by check. The minimum amount you can withdrawal is $100.

UvioO offers an unique ways to earn by sharing videos online. Nowadays, Social marketing has become a major tool in marketing and a program like UvioO can be a great way to earn. With  the current video views of over 61,000,000, UvioO is definitely a popular site.

If you do not want to spend any money, you can start as a free member and only earn by views that your videos generate.  For those who want to make money faster, you can upgrade, buy gold positions and purchase checkpoints but with this option, the risk increases since incase of anything, you will be losing your own money.  You just have to choose what you think will work best for you. Visit OvioO and learn more about the program.

COOLEST PART ABOUT UVIOO — I can use other peoples Videos to sell FOR ME.

Video of the week is our friend Simon Stepsys who is also a member of Empower Network with us. Click the image to the right or Go Here Now to watch his video explaining how he is making $500 a day by SHARING VIDEOS.

Since this is only DAY 1 using this site, I will keep you guys posted on what I think of it.

If YOU have had a positive or a negative experience with UvioO please leave your comment below!!!

SO FAR, 2 THUMBS UP for UvioO…..

Don’t miss the upcoming post about MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME to access our BEST and WORST of 2012 😉

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