Empower Network Team Update March 18th


Ok so there is some amazing things happen right now inside of Empower. This post is to

keep you update on everything. It is more importantly here to help you make the most

money you have made in your life, not just inside empower.

Below is the timeline of things and when they are happening.

Vick’s product launch

March 17th (Today) – PreVideo Launch Week begins
March 23rd – Kickoff Call with David Wood
March 24th – Video 1 Goes Live
March 26th – Video 2 Goes Live
March 27th – (Tentative) Webinar with Dave and Vick
March 28th – Video 3 Goes Live
March 31st – Video 4 (Sales) Goes Live
April 3rd – Live Q&A Webinar with Vick
April 5th – Cart Closes

Goes LIVE March 24th

Here is my aweber follow up for the new list:
{This will be inside the Masters Only Facebook Group}

Lead Capture Page:

Video Page:

Sales Page: (once launched)


Resources Page:

Live Timeline Video & What is the Course?


Remove “tobyandlayla” and put your OWN affiliate link to promote it…


If you are inside our “ALL-IN” team in empower. This post is just the beginning

of the training for the launch. Inside the private masters only Facebook group. We

will be sharing where we are buying our traffic, what we are sending those leads

daily to get them excited about buying this course and more…

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