The Secret of Video Marketing is All In the…..

Welcome to the Hangout everyone!

I can’t wait to get started!

Black and Tam IncThis Free Training has been brought to you by our awesome team and Black & Tam Inc. We are a community of expert Marketers and Trainers and we’re excited that you’re here with us today.

There are some KEY concepts we will be covering to make sure that YOUR VIDEOS create impact, create a SHIFT, create a conversation.

Chris K did 80 Videos in 2 Days, and he had his red lanyard at the Badass Event in Austin. Do you think his videos at the end were different than those at the beginning?

I don’t want you to spend hours and hours creating videos that don’t evoke an emotion, that don’t get noticed, that get ignored.

I am going to teach you how to create POWERFUL videos that truly connect you to your audience and build a brand of Leadership online.

Am I saying you can learn this stuff and get rich online instantly? OF COURSE NOT. Most people that learn this stuff never do a thing with it. But the people who HUNGRY and Ready like I was….. their eyes start to grow and their smile gets better.

So January 29th @ 6pm EST Refresh this Page and You will see the Hangout Streaming Live Below!


READ THIS OUTLOUD… you will need to be familiar with it during the training:

“My Unique Story has Power, it serves a higher purpose. It is my duty to share the value I have inside of me with the world. My Unique Perspective has Power. If just one person can save themselves time, or money or help them have a breakthrough to reach THEIR purpose, I am doing the world a DIS-JUSTICE by not cutting this video!!!”


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