Video Marketing Bootcamp – Day 1 How to Make Videos that Generate LEADS


So it’s a known fact that Video is Dominating the Internet.

People spend more time on sites like Youtube than they do watching TV, so clearly a shift is happening.

Are you still one of those businesses spending Thousands on TV commercials? Even when all the Eye Balls are on the Internet….

Or maybe you are a small business owner who KNOWS that Video is the way forward but you just don’t know where to start…

Or possible you know where to start but the thought of getting on Camera freaks you out!

That Changes Tonight.

Tonight at 10PM EST Week 1 of the Rockstars Video Marketing Bootcamp hits the streets.

Our Brand EXPLODED when we started to introduce High Impact Videos into our Marketing. Not only did it surround our Brand with Value, but it showed the industry the Leadership that Toby and I and our Team offer. When someone watches our Video they want to work with us because of all the Value we have put out into the Universe through Video.

When someone looks at your videos what do they find?

Tonight’s Webinar will Open Your Eyes to the Simple Power of Video Marketing and how it can literally take you from the Basement of a Bar… to cruisin in a new Mercedes Benz! (Speaking of… my Husband Toby is driving from Tampa to Canada as we speak with our new wheels… everyone send warm wishes that he arrives safe and sound to me)

So tonight at 10PM EST…. mark your schedule off.

What You Will Learn:

  • Exactly How to Structure A Video That Will Actually Generate You LEADS.
  • What kind of content to create that will keep people coming back for more and more.
  • How to Earn a Profit from Video Marketing
  • How to FINALLY beat the fear of the Camera and get Confident on your Videos

Many Marketers have already Registered for the bootcamp and are ready to go. If you have not yet reserved your seat simply Opt-In at this website and the URL for tonight will be Emailed to you this Evening!

YES! I Want to Participate in the Video Marketing Bootcamp!

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  • James Ratcliffe

    Also noticed new blog technique on your blog. Hmmmmm. What is T&L really up to?

  • John Robberson


    As always, awesome video and on camera energy.

    Is that some of your guys music in the background?

  • Joanna

    I love it and I think I will start recording my own video.

  • Clarence Kontio

    Toby and Layla You both Rock Star I thank for all good information for growing the business Clarence Kontio

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