How Video Marketing Kept Us Up Until 7:30am – The Power of Internet Marketing

It may have leaked yesterday about the Webinar that had HUNDREDS up all night because they were restless with excitement.

The tool that Team Takeover has found is EXACTLY what the market is looking for right now. A solution to help Business owners (small business & big business) tap into the largest audience in the history of MAN, the Internet.

Last night when we showed the world this tool, the phones were so busy we had 7 People working in the TTO office to answer the calls and fill out the applications. Team Takeover Reps saw the HUGE potential and were SO excited after they saw the webinar.


This Tool Makes WAY TOO MUCH SENSE to Ignore… But YOU Be the Judge. Register for Tonight’s Webinar at 8PM EST and See It All for Yourself!


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  • Dillon Randall

    Hey great stuff. There is a lot of helpful content on here!

  • Toby & Layla

    @Brian – We appreciate your comments and will of course address them. We’ve been using Send Out Cards for ages… and have been making a great income from their compensation plan. Does that mean that it’s our primary business? We make a significant income from MyLeadSystemPro…. but that’s not our primary either.
    I don’t think there is anything “shady” lol about diversifying your portfolio. What products did we have to offer our followers in India and the Phillipines.
    If you don’t think this is a tool…. well that’s your own opinion. But the fact of it is, IT IS A TOOL LOL.
    I spent more on purchasing Camtasia!!!! Another tool. The only difference…. no one paid me when I used it.
    Appreciate your insight though, thanks for sharing!

  • Brian Esbaugh

    I dunno guys……while I have been following you for sometime now and really love what you’re doing, to call this a “tool” when you are obviously utilizing the comp plan attached to it, doesn’t it automatically become your primary businesss!?!?
    Even Cedric himself said that he was not putting anyone else frontline in Numis, even though he has agreed to work with people already in Numis. Doesn’t that mean that this is now his primary business?
    And if so, what are you doing and recommending to your group? Where does your allegiance now lie, with Numis or this new company?
    To be fair, I really like the look of this new “tool”. I can see using something like Todd Falconnes course and plugging in professionals who could enjoy another income source while also benefiting their existing profession.
    The old motto of not building 2 primary companies at the same time even in this modern age of diversifying income streams, still seems like a wise decision to me and to mask this opportunity as a “tool” seems a little shady.

  • cedric carr


  • AJ & Marquita

    Im right there with ya Lay… I was so excited that it was hard for me to sleep also. Me and AJ were up all night stratagizing about this fab tool we are going to implement! We love this team!! TTO, TTO, TTO …

    ~AJ & Marquita
    Online Marketing Heavy-Hitters

  • Toby & Layla

    @Golda – Really? No sleep, no shower, no coffee… hahahaha

  • Toby & Layla

    @Zoya – Thanks! Fixed it for you.

  • Toby & Layla

    @tim – YOU KNOW IT! Toby and I are ridiculously excited about working with you side by side Tim. Woooooo! WORLD: Watch out, if Tim Atkinson is on board…. the marketing world better LOOK OUT, STEP ASIDE, or JUMP ON BOARD!

  • Zoya

    The link is not working

  • Golda Smith

    You looked fabulous!

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