Video Marketing Online: Get Rid of Your Fear of the Camera For Good Tonight!

“I Know Video Marketing is the way forward…. but I have this FEAR of getting on Camera.”

Sound Familiar?

So many people struggle with getting infront of the Camera and it’s holding them back from making a lot of Money online in their Home Based Business. Video Marketing is a trend that is not going away, only getting bigger. The average person watches more videos online, than they do their own TV… and you know our society watches a LOT of TV.

What is the REAL Root of your Fear of the Camera? What Blueprint can you follow to Training yourself to be a Video Marketing Master? What are some quick tricks to get over the “FEAR” hump right away?

Tonight on the Weekly Thursday Night Women Leaders Unite webinar at 10PM EST… you learn how to Master yourself and your fear of the video camera.

Watch this Video and Uncover How You Can Take Control and Master Your Emotions to Totally ROCK IT on ANY Video and Become a Video Marketing Expert!

Don’t Miss the Webinar Tonight at at 10PM EST EVERY THURSDAY and to Access the Free Recording of Sabrina Walker’s Cut and Paste Training on Custom Facebook Fanpages CLICK HERE NOW.

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  • Gary

    Do you have the webinars recorded and up anywhere online? I’m unable to attend live because of my work schedule and I’d really like to hear this one as well as others. Thanks

  • Gerri Stechschulte

    This was one of the most honest, deeply emotional, fantastic ladies webinar videos I have ever attended. Make sure you see the replay if you missed it.

  • Karen Monasingh

    As usually, you kill it, nail it. Love love your energy. Cutting a video has always been my fear and I realize Just Do It.. Keep Rocking Karen

  • Nathan

    Homerun as always! Great post!

  • Gerri Stechschulte

    Absolutely great. I needed that. Will be there wouldn’t miss it!!!

  • Eric Burnett

    Layla.. You and Toby Rock!!!! Keep Crushing it Rockstars!!

  • Mike Rao leadership

    These two always under promise and over deliver. Don’t miss this webinar

  • Toby & Layla

    This definitely is the best team. ROCKSTARS all the way!!!

    Thanks for commenting everyone, we appreciate you sharing this post with your friends! 🙂

    Toby & Layla

  • Matson Magleby

    Thanks for all the inspiring content you guys put out. This is the best team!

  • Shelley Alexis

    Love it love it love it!! Totally understand you Layla! this is on Fire!! Get on Ladies. see you there 🙂

  • Kelly

    I will definitely be there I know that the more videos I do the easier it gets.

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