Visalus 90 Day Challenge – a Vi Models Story

I wanted to get healthy… I was sick and tired of getting depressed every time I went shopping. I hated that only certain stores would carry a size 16.

So I found this crazy 90 Day Challenge created by Visalus, a dear friend of mine told me about it.

My husband and I made a decision to get serious about transforming our bodies, and quickly became  passionately addicted to the Visalus vision of helping other people do the same.

My Results Shocked EVERYONE.

* From a size 16 to a size 8

* Down nearly 40lbs!

* In the Best Shape of my LIFE.

Then Visalus released this crazy competition.

North America’s Next VI Model with Mike Ruiz the photographer from America’s Next Top Model!

The picture to the left went on to be shared hundreds of times from friends and family and fellow Visalians all over Facebook. And my sincere thank you to everyone that took a couple minutes to share my Voting Page with your followers. You ALL ROCK.

And Your Love and Support put me in the Top 10 where I then would walk the RUN WAY at Vitality (our National Convention) at the Miami Heat arena.

Before I tell you about the mini heart attack I had a few days before the convention…..

A lot of people weren’t able to be there in person. I’ve had friends and family asking me “How did it GO?!” So I had to put a blog post out when the official Visalus footage went live.

PRESS PLAY to watch the live footage of Me conquering my FEAR of the Bikini and strutting my stuff in front of 20,000 people!!!

Now for the behind the scenes freak out….

So when I got the email a few days before the BIG EVENT the email read. “Are you comfortable in a Bikini”.

See the video that went VIRAL on Facebook where I expose the moment I almost BARFED!!!

So if you can relate… and you want to work side by side with our Powerful Community that is 100% Committed to your transformation and your 90 Day Goal… just make the decision. It’s easy. Click the Link Below!

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