Visalus 90 Day Challenge: Staats/Black Family Update!

Visalus Secrets:

After recently joining Visalus last week and taking on the 90 Day Challenge, the Internet has been buzzing. You’ve probably heard it. (Click Here If You Have Been Out of the Loop)

Everyone has been asking me for an update on our 90 Day Challenge. Our Entire Family is linking arms to help each other transform our lives in 90 Days. My (Layla) Family up here in Canada, and Toby’s parents down in Tampa (with his sister Emi eagerly awaiting the launch of the UK). The testimonies just keep coming in from both sides that the results are more than about losing some weight. The 90 Day Challenge is about a total transformation.

Before I give you the results of the most recent updates, I want to share a couple of those 90 Day Challenge testimonials with you.

90 day challenge secretsFirst, meet Hayley. The most beautiful person I’ve ever met. Honestly, she is a ray of sunlight that cuts through a cloudy day… and everyone who knows Hayley and is reading this post right know… knows I am right. She’s decided she wants to join the Family in the 90 Day Challenge and take control of her health, before serious damage is done. Yesterday she walked through my door and there was a glow about her. She looked… “Vibrant.”

“Does this stuff work instantly? I feel amazing. After my gall bladder surgery I always felt a bit sick after I ate… but I feel great.”

So what’s the 90 Day Challenge Secret? How can you STAY COMMITTED and keep on track?

Number 1, you need a Team. Beating bad habits is hard to do, especially if you are trying to do it SOLO. Plug into a Team that has a local community of Leaders you can plug into and many lines of communication to Stay Accountable.

Number 2, YOU have to want it. You will only get out of the 90 Day Challenge what you put into it. You must clearly define your goals, plug yourself into the community, make the effort, exercise, and Ultimately you have to make the decision. One lesson I revealed on our Online Documentary that our Inner Circle have access to is that when it all comes down to it….. it doesn’t matter what support you have, if you don’t DECIDE that success is the only option… then your chances of failure are high. (Get Plugged Into our Master Alliance to See the Documentary)

So What’s Hayley’s 90 Day Challenge Secret?

Hayley’s cut out Soda Pop from her Diet, is drinking lots of water and MOST IMPORTANTLY:

“There’s such a huge difference just cooking at home everyday. The 90 Day Challenge definitely is giving me more energy and I’m not hungry at all.” – Hayley

The second story I want Toby to tell…. because when he told me, he almost had tears in his eyes.

Hey folks, Toby here.

So there I was just starting out my day, on a day which some call Hump Day. The phone rang, my Dad was on the line. What he said solidified in my mind, body and soul that the New Journey we are embarking on with Visalus and the 90 Day Challenge is Destiny.

You see over the past few years, my mom and dad have had it rough. And by rough, I mean ROUGH. Both of them going through life threatening surgeries, losing their house in the Recession and nearly their businesses, and to Top everything off… my Dad being diagnosed with Diabetes.

But what came out my Father’s mouth, was not any worries about the house, or him complaining, or feeling upset…. for the first time in many years, my Dad felt the happiness and excitement about being alive. And he told me it was thanks to Me. That’s bigger than any Cheque in the world.

“I haven’t felt this alive, since the day you were born!”

Since hundreds of people all over North America have recently joined us in the 90 Day Challenge last week, we’ve literally had an overwhelming amount of Testimonials coming back to us. But we wanted to share with you the personal stories of our Family.

This is the FIRST TIME in our Network Marketing career that our entire Family is actually on board, and Promoting the Challenge with us! Huge Milestone!

So What Makes Our Team Different in the 90 Day Challenge?

The Master Alliance is a union of TOP LEADERS in the Internet Marketing and Traditional Networking world that have joined forces to literally CHANGE THE FAILING Statistics of this industry. We have laid out a structured, step by step Blueprint to get YOU into a $10k/month income in the next 90 DAYS.

To See What the Master Alliance Has Up Their Sleeves and WHY This Powerful Group of Leaders Have Chosen to Align Themselves with the 90 DAY Challenge Click the Link Below!

YES! I want a Sneak Peak at the Master Alliance Blueprint!


Laurie Black 5lbs in 5 Days

Fran Black 4lbs in 5 Days

Layla Black 10lbs in 14 Days

Toby Black 13 lbs in 14 Days

Tricia Staats 13 lbs in 16 Days

Hayley Dipoalo  4Lbs in 4 Days

Quin Staats 6 Lbs in 14 Days

Family’s Total Lost: 55Lbs to Date in Visalus

Get Started Today!!

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  • Toby & Layla

    Incredible results Tanisha. It keeps shocking me how well people are doing on the Challenge.

  • Tanisha

    day 5 2lbs down took my vitamins and had my strawberry shake, i feel great, not feeling tired or sluggish. thanks Layla

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