Visalus Secret: How do Brand New Reps Sponsor 3 in One Day? (Our strategy revealed)

Many of you have been watching as we launched our new business last month.

It’s been pretty hard to ignore all the new Rising Star Promotions, and the 100+ Ambassadors that Qualified last month. In the entire company over 900 BMWs were given away in February. But let’s not talk about the company, let’s talk about why you’re really here. To uncover the phenomena of our Team.

Read through these results and tell me that doesn’t excite you…..

After our first 45 Days in Visalus:

– Hit 1 Star Ambassador (meaning we helped someone else in our team hit Ambassador)

– Qualified for 2 BMW’s

– Helped 38 People in our Team get behind the wheel of their Free BMW

– Assisted in creating 10+ 6 Figure Earners within our Organization

– Have the Top Duplicating Team in the Entire Company

And that’s just Month #1. We are just getting started….

Take Marshall Forrester for example.

A father from Maryland who had never really had much experience in Network Marketing. He didn’t have a huge team to bring over, he didn’t have a list of a Gazillion people to hit, he didn’t even really know what he was doing. So he followed the System we laid out in front of him. He did absolutely everything we told him to do. And after less than 45 Days in the company, already had qualified for his FREE BMW and is now leading the charge in a Fired up team who is determined to follow in his footsteps.

How are Brand New people getting success so quickly in our Team?

Whether you are Brand New, and Experienced Networker, or a Top Income Earner in another company….. EVERYONE is looking at Visalus. WHY? Because everyday people are following the system and getting results.

Our secret sauce for getting results fast, like 3 new recruits in one day… hitting Rising Star level in just 24 hours, is out to the Public. We figured why keep it to ourselves if we know it works, and we know people are missing this step. So you can leave a comment and thank us later if you aren’t in our team.

To skip directly to the SHOCKING NEWS and find out why our team has such a HUGE Advantage in this industry CLICK HERE NOW

Press Play to See the Training Video that Literally Gave Our Team the Confidence and the Ammunition to Go Out and Tackle the Phones ALL WEEKEND.

(Don’t You Wish Your Downline Would Pick up the phone?)

Every Single Minute... someone else is taking action and joining the Fastest Growing Team in the Fastest Growing Home Business in North America. Does that Sound Like a Trend? CLICK HERE NOW to get plugged in to our PROVEN SYSTEM that’s getting MASSIVE results for everyone from the NEWBIE, to the 8 Company Chronic Jump-Shipper, to the 17 YEAR experienced Networker.

Create your success story now….

PS. If you’re looking for the youtube link to the Training discussed in the video above Check it out Here.

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  • Jeffrey Hayes

    Hello Toby and Layla,

    I am at work at the moment and as I was reviewing your page and success with Visalus I am excited and feel I can have success here in Michigan. Feel free to either email or call me at 734-306-1488 so I can sign up for my ESS kit. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.


  • Harold Gray

    I signed up for your training the 7dollar training an I haven,t heard from you since thank you

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