Vlog Challenge: Day 1 “Step Into Your Future Self” [Vlog Ideas]

You probably have some questions about the Vlogging Challenge that the Super Women Announced today.


With so many of our Female Leaders CRUSHING IT on stage at the recent Empower Network Regionals, we have been getting lots of questions.

  • How did these women get so confident on stage?
  • What did they do to get rid of their fear of public speaking?
  • How did they learn to communicate their story so powerfully?

The answer is easy: VIDEO MARKETING.

Watch the Video Below to get Vlog Idea #1

Starting your Vlogging experience can be scary, but don’t worry… YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

vlogging ideas

Day ONE Vlogging Ideas:

Visualize your future self… step into the person you WILL BE when you’ve completed 50 days of Vlogging. How will you speak? Where will your confidence level be? What new connections will you make? How will your business and your brand change? How will your family’s involvement in your business change?

Cut the camera on and share how you see the 50 Day VLOGGING Challenge effecting who you are! Create a VLOG (Just like this one!)

And post your blog link in the comment thread below!




Layla Black

PS. If you want to plug into our Vlogging Challenge and get plugged into the Daily Topics from our amazing trainers in the Super Women Elite CLICK HERE to Join the Super Women, or leave a comment if you are already part of Empower and would like to participate!

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