We Love Pyramids! This Is So Powerfull!

Hello Rockers…How are you today?

Today I shot a  powerful BUT funny video, from the bed room…lol..

Check It Out!

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  • Steven Schmeltzle

    Excellent explanation for all the doubters out there in the world. I wrote an article similar to this but the video you made is awesome! Keep up the great work!

  • Robert Tempe

    Toby — awesome video!! I’ve often described the “working” world in the same way! A drugstore’s income is at the point of sale — the cash register — and is arguably THE MOST important spot in the company. Without the cash register on the counter, money isn’t collected. Yet the LOWEST paid member of the company is in charge of this important spot! The person making the MOST money (that comes through the registers) probably has never worked behind one — esp. in his or her own company! Go fig!

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