What the MLM Start Up Companies Don’t Want You To Know.

We have all seen the buzzzzzz about the newest MLM Start Up companies and their AMAZING Prelaunch opportunities. The common misconception is that ONLY the people that got in at the beginning of Amway are making money right now.

Sure, if we were the first Distributors for Amway we’d be doing pretty good right now. But think of all the millionaires that the company has created that were not there 50 years ago. The great thing about the Network Marketing business is it doesn’t matter where you fall, everyone has the same product and the same opportunity…

The difference is YOU.

Residual Income is another one we hear thrown around in the Home Based Business arena. Build an MLM organization that you can walk away from and still earn a PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME.

Well, with 9 out of 10 MLM Start-Up companies never being seen again after their HUGE Prelaunches…. is this really possible?

I have seen many friends put 110% of their efforts into an MLM prelaunch… bringing everyone they know into it, and have it crumble under their feet within a year. What is even worse, is when they DO build a residual income and suddenly the compensation plan is changed and their goes their downline and their profits.

So what’s the answer?

Be weary of the latest and greatest start up companies…

Do your researchfind an MLM company that is OLD enough so you know they are not going anywhere… but NEW enough so that it still is cutting edge.

Don’t jump on the Prelaunch Bandwagon! Work on marketing your EXISTING home based business properly, because the problem is not the company or the comp plan…. it’s all you.You have to learn to stand out in the crowd of thousands, how do I do that you say?.


Start thinking of your business being YOU.

Mike Dillard for instance teaches “You Inc”, if you dont for some reason know who Mike Dillard is we suggest giving your head a check and visiting the link below. Meaning anyone can have a company webiste and go out there and shout loud and long about there comp plan or there orac score but these people will get left behind in the MLM slip stream. Learn to create your own wave and stand out from the 97%, we can show you how to properly position yourself online and be the HUNTED instead of the HUNTER.

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  • Laurie

    Wow, Good piece Layla and Toby. Say it How it Is!
    Great advice.

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