What’s this Big Secret Toby & Layla are Cooking Up in the Lab? (100% Commission? Get out!)


The Image you see to the Left created a HUGE STIR yesterday on Facebook.

People were contacting us frantically to make sure they didn’t miss out on this Massive Opportunity.

As you guys know, Toby and I are not your typical Internet Marketers…. we don’t jump off and on the BandWagon, we don’t take our team from company to company, and we don’t promote every single Product Launch just to make a couple extra bucks.

But We Do Have the Business and Online Sense to Spot a Serious Opportunity When We See it….

We have agreed to a Non-Disclosure until the full System goes live on Monday… but let us tell you this, David Wood (Online Marketing Genius), Lawrence Tam (The Amazon Cash Machine lol), and Yours Truly… Toby and Layla are aligning our incredible marketing minds behind a Marketing System that is converting at 90% (It was created by the Genius himself… no doubt about the conversion)…

The Real Kicker….. We Are Paying 100% Commissions.

FINALLY.You are the one making all the money.

Okay, we’ve ALREADY said to much to the Mass Public… IF you want to see the Secret Footage and Access our Secret Facebook Group where all the details are posted…


PS. Remember, no one is supposed to know about this until Monday (Halloween) and because you are one of our amazing followers, you get the inscoop! Take advantage and look at this before it goes NUTS next week.

Let Me in the Secret Group! I don’t want to be Left Behind next week!

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  • James E Ratcliffe

    I saw, I heard, I ‘shared’ and I “liked”. At home computer. I can’t do that on this computer is restricted from soc. sites. But I can say here, what Toby taught, him and Layla cooked-up in the lab is still smoke’n. HOT!

  • James E Ratcliffe

    Better yet, go get a welder’s outfit. Face mask and all. HOT!

  • James E Ratcliffe

    Oh yeah go into the kitchen and get your oven gloves. HOT!

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