Why A World Of Beer Franchise Makes A Refreshing Change

When it comes to beer, customers everywhere are becoming more and more demanding, and are insisting that they are given only the finest, most varied selection to choose from. That means that if you want to make money from beer, you need to be absolutely sure that you have the backing of a truly high quality brand.

There is no better way of doing this than to run a World of Beer franchise operation. That way, you will have access to World of Beer’s enormous range of superb beers, as well as the company’s expert knowledge and experience to guide you in what customers really want.

Although World of Beer is now a well respected and established brand, it is in fact only a few years since it was founded. Matt LaFon and Scott Zepp, a couple of friends from the Florida city of Pensacola, set up their very first retail establishment as recently as 2007 in a quiet neighborhood on the edge of Tampa. Strange as it may seem now, when setting up a World of Beer franchise is widely recognized as a route to success, in those early days things were much less certain.

LaFon and Zepp were taking a big gamble – and it paid off. Before long, interest in their concept was so strong that franchising began.

Three years after those small beginnings, Jim Pollard and Ben Novello, formerly of Outback Steakhouse, joined the company. This was the point at which the brand truly became a national one, and when the World of Beer franchise operation began to be seen more and more often all over the country.

Even so, it was important to the company’s owners that expansion of the business was undertaken with care. Because World of Beer was already known for its welcoming environment and approachable staff, it was important that it did not become just another chain bar.

In fact, although the range of beers available is, in itself, extraordinary, that is not enough to make a World of Beer franchise stand out from the crowd. To do that, there is another vital ingredient that needs to be added – the customer experience. A patron of a franchise has to feel completely welcome, whether he or she is simply a casual beer enthusiast or a true aficionado of superb beers. The company aims to make its customers feel as though they are just visiting a friend for a beer, rather than going out to the sort of soulless bar that might be found on any street corner.

World of Beer has extremely good relationships with vendors, distributors, and breweries across the nation. It also helps franchise owners to get started by guiding prospective clients in finding a suitable site for the bar to operate at maximum effectiveness and profitability. The company also provides training from certificated professionals, and staff will make visits at intervals after opening in order to maintain the highest quality standards. Anyone who chooses to run a World of Beer franchise will be making the first step on the road to an extremely rewarding and fulfilling career.

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