Why I Buy Network Marketing Products

Network Marketing is the most rapidly growing industry, and in an Economy where Social Security is a Myth… it’s much needed.

What is Network Marketing?

The Power of Relationship Marketing. Companies allow individuals to by Business Builder rights and sell the products on their behalf. Not only can these Business Builders sell product and get paid commissions, but they can hire on new Business Builders to sell the products as well. This allows the driven and motivated ACTION TAKING Entrepreneur to develop a Network of Customers and Distributors purchasing their products monthly….


Build and Network with a SOLID Company (Not one of those fly by the seat of their pant start up companies) once, the RIGHT WAY and create an income for your family for the rest of your life. Not only can you create a financial fence around your family for the future but you are creating TIME FREEDOM to actually enjoy your financial freedom.

Is Network Marketing illegal? NO lol.

What should be illegal is when Hard Working individuals have committed 50+ years to a Company and get left out in the cold worrying about how to support themselves as they are supposed to Retire.

The Network Marketing Industry is creating a new layer of Economy, where it’s about the PEOPLE.


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  • John Robberson


    Great Video. You’re spot on. There is absolutely no reason not to use products from “other companies”.

    I find that Part of the journey of becoming a good network marketer is an amazing growth process.

    You cease to see the world through the narrow view of it’s “Us” vs. “Them”.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I find myself thinking more about providing value to others and creating great content and not worrying about which companies banner they might be flying.

    The important thing is to better yourself and help others achieve their goals, irregardless of what company they are with.

    I think Zig Ziglar said it best, “You can have everything in life you want, if you first help others get what they want.”

    You should treat all networker’s with the respect you would want to be treated with.

    Also, it’s just the nature of today’s ever changing industry. You never know who you might be working along side of in the next 5 years… 🙂

  • Etieno Etuk

    This is an awesome video, Layla. Tremendous value you’re giving here. You’re so right, Network Marketing products are awesome and just because someone is using a product from another network marketing company doesn’t mean that they’re joining that company. Some network marketing companies have the best quality products out there in the market. Yes these products may not be the cheapest but you can be sure of the quality and most of these companies have a 30-90 day return policy..no questions asked. How cool is that?

    Thanks for sharing. Make it a better than terrific week!

  • Yolajw

    Great stuff Layla… that is so true,we as network marketers need to support each other. Some of the strongest communities are those who support each other, most network marketing companies have really great quality products, there`s no reason not to use them, I agree totally with you. People who think there is a problem with it just do not understand the industry…

  • James Ratcliffe

    Well said and many share and likes if I could, and not break the protocol code. See this vid again, for leadership sample. Like to post this on my blog from my leadership. Hmmm, new page on my blog “my leaders are say’n ” Ideas sparking here. thanks.

  • Natalie

    here, here Layla! Let’s build this industry up to all it can be. On a mission to change the status of the struggling network marketer! 🙂

  • Roger Holmes


    Support is always welcome. Do you think people who own pizza shops never eat sandwiches? Or Milkshakes? C’mon people get serious…
    Personally I like a lot of products from other MLM’s that I don’t promote and that’s a personal decision for me. So because I’m in a technology MLM I can’t use a Healthy product from another MLM that makes me feel better and gives me the energy I need to be better all around?
    I’m totally secure in my family and what we do. Personal not business two seperate things guys..good stuff Layla keep doing your thing and don’t let em’ get you off your game.


  • Glen C

    Layla – first time commenter here 🙂 anyway really love the mantra – “…its about the PEOPLE” – really reconnected me with some of things that attracted me to network marketing first time round. Keep on keepin’ on guys !!


  • Raymar

    Hi just watched your video and I guess my reaction is why do some people think just because you own or are involved with one business that you can’t use products from somewhere else. Or even be involved with more than one business.
    like maybe since you are in mvt you can’t use revlon lipstick or eye liner, duh how dumb can you get. there are a lot of marketers out there that promote multitudes of different products at the same time,and even if you are solely committed and happy with being in only one business that does not mean you can’t like and use other products.

  • jodi carwan

    ABSOLUTELY 100% true! some of the best products I have found come from the network marketing arena!! I use a lot of different things from different companies that I simply cannot get anywhere else for the same price or quality. Your point is spot on, GREAT video!!

  • Kelly S Elliott

    Hey Layla I think you look awesome just like you were in the video. True beauty and what you said is so correct why not support each other instead of Walmart.

  • Joyce Garnes

    Aloha Layla,

    I totally agree with you, and I’m constantly explaining the same to people that feel the need to “share” their opinions about using multiple products. You and Toby are inspirations,keep up the good work!

  • Jill Cattano

    Fantastic article! Your clarity and sincerity for the industry at large is refreshing! A rising tide lifts all boats…as we are all tied together in one industry, sinking a “Neighboring Companies Boat” drags the entire industry down. Thank You!

  • James Medley

    Thanks Layla, That really needed to be said. We are allowed to like any brands and products we want in our private lives and that shouldn’t be stiffled. When someone says they like a competitor of mine, I’ll agree if they are a good company and/or have good products. Then I’ll ask why specifically do they like them over the others available out there. That gives me the opportunity to both learn something about my competitors strong points, and talk about how my product may offer additional benefits. But there’s never any need to denigrate or even just ignore something you like just because you promote something different.

  • Rick Herbst

    Spot on Layla! It’s not about dividing within, it about bringing the message of “co operative business to the masses.” Whoever wrote you that comment obviously has been taught the “you’re a traitior” mentality. There are amazing companies out there that supply products and services for different niche groups. Like you said, just because you happen to use a product that you like from one company, doesn’t mean it’s where your BUSINESS focus is. We are promoters of our opportunities because they align with who and what we represent and our own individual message. There is more than enough to go around for everyone in the networking world. The more people remember that, I think they can become better marketers. You and Toby keep rockin it! Swing by my page, as I would love to connect with you both.

  • Brian Farello

    Great post Layla!I agree that action is absolutely necessary in not just network marketing but in life as well.

  • Judy Hawes

    Amen! Absolutely agree with you. It’s all about working together as the saying goes T-E-A-M Together Everyone Achieves More. We know the BEST way to promote the BEST products is by network marketing. You 2 ROCK 🙂

  • April Marie Tucker

    So true Layla were all on the same mission!! Helping others create financial independence! I just joined your group as well! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • David Emil Lombard


    A-men. When I finally got collaboration vs. competition, not only was it liberating, but the fun meter went back up to 11!

    You know I help networkers hit body goals & address prevention, but I never expect or ask them to change their company. Much like what you do with your awesome MVT tools.

    No, I am not the person mentioned above or in any company mentioned above, folks 😉

    Way to lead it up and keep it positive, Ms Black!

  • Lee White

    Hey Layla,

    I’m absolutely on message with you here my friend! Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! 🙂
    We really have so much to give to the world, as an industry…..as you said….united! Way, way too many people are obsessed with competition, with fighting for the scraps with everyone else out there. Collaboration is the currency of the new economy. Compete at your peril. Collaborate your way to success people!
    Love it!
    This has actually just given me the inspiration to do something….

  • cynthia langston

    You hit the nail on the head!!We should unite as network marketers and support each other… I like your energy. Of course I LOVE your training…I listen to many network marketers webinars and I feel it contributes to my level of understanding. We can NEVER stop learning from each other. Rock on!

  • Sean Kozlok

    Loved this…100% agree Support your Community.

  • Clint Butler

    Excellent post, it also answers the question, “Is this a pyramid scheme?” That we all here at one point or another when talking to prospects. Thank you

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