Why the Golden Rule is Bad for a Home Based Business

We have all been told the Golden Rule from our Grandparents and our Parents as we grew up. And Generally in Life it was a good Motto to live by.

But WHY is the Golden Rule so bad for business?

How can a saying that’s thousands of years old, be so wrong for what we’re trying to do here? The Golden Rule or Golden Laws date back to the Ancient Babylon 1780 BC. So since the concept is almost ingrained in our DNA, it may seem weird to see how the Golden Rule could possibly be bad.

But watch this video with an open mind… because if you pay attention you will see EXACTLY how the Golden Rule is hurting your business, and what Rule you can easily replace to see more successful results in your Recruiting, Prospecting, and Team Building!

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  • Toby & Layla

    Yeah this is such an important part of our business and it CANNOT be forgotten. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, it really shows that my training had an impact on the world 🙂 Keep em’ comin!


  • Joey McDermott

    Great Advice, It’s funny you and me are on the same idea right now, I have to check some of those products out, I actually develop whole training course on sales on how to get into the mind of your prospect. I love your guys site, keep bringing those great trainings and ideas.


  • Jamie Mondestin

    Hello Layla.

    That was an excellent post. It really matter how you present yourself to different prospect in any given moment. The rainbow analogy is great an informative. We must understand that people are unique for a reason. Variety is what make life enjoyable for all who want to enjoy it. This is a business of people and people comes all favors and background. Keeping this mind helps to focus on building solid relationship for the future.

  • buff

    Thanks for sharing this insight Layla. It makes so much sense. I’ve studied” Colors” and this is basically the same thing. brilliant strategy for any situation.

  • Tomas Kirk

    Thanks for the insight and value you & Toby always bring! Definitely we need to master the personalities so we can better relate and find out what is the hot button for each and every person we meet. We can then know and determine if the person will truly qualify for what we have to offer.

  • Toby & Layla

    So glad this video had an impact on you guys. When I heard it I had an “Aha” moment, so I wanted to share that with all of you guys!!!

  • Philip Blackett

    Great video Layla! So true what you and others have said before me. The quickest way to be successful in this business is to find what Others Want (based on what’s important to them) and SUPPLY it to them. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Corina Beckby

    Hey Layla! Learning different temperments was critical when I managed the preschools and although it was geared towards children, I found it imperative to learn about my employees as well. Knowing what they react to, how they react, when they react was an eye opener! It really helped us balance our centers and gave us a great tool to communicate better. Although we all have the same basic needs, not all of us acquire them the same nor do we want them at the same level. Great stuff, Layla! Thanks for sharing!
    Corina Beckby

  • Steve Irving

    This post is phenomenal, Layla. Thanks for sharing this. I was just on the phone yesterday evening with someone and I realized I was sharing a lot of my personal story rather than asking the questions.

    I knew it was beneficial, but I also knew it wasn’t the best way to go about prospecting effectively. This post you made was perfectly timely for me…thanks for the rainbow rule, Layla<3


  • Sue Hanson

    Great advice, Layla. Find out what their hot buttons are. When I sold cars, each buyer had different priorities… safety, comfort, style, etc. It’s the same in any business. What’s in it for them.

  • chris tuttle

    Hey Layla,

    Good advice for all of us networkers. Of course, I completely agree with you. Give them what they need right now in order to be successful now, something they that moves them forward in the right direction.

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