Why the Retweet Button is the Most Important Plugin on WordPress

First of all…

What is the Retweet Button and What Does it Do?

Retweeting is taking someone elses video/article/blogpost and putting a broadcast out to YOUR twitter followers.

Retweeting on Twitter or Sharing on Facebook is an amazing way for you to say to your followers “I agree with this!” or “I want you to see this too” without have to create an opinion from scratch or create the actual content.

This industry is about how much value you can provide.

People will be attracted to you… people will follow you… if they see value in doing so!

Some bloggers and content creators have a scarcity mindset. They feel that if they send their followers to someone else’s blog or direct traffic to someone elses video they have lost a lead! To Check Out another COOL widget to share blogs WITHOUT losing Traffic CLICK HERE.

Do you understand how much traffic is out there?

Do you want leads or do you want followers?

Real leaders realize that there is a lot of value out there and they tap into the content of other leaders and share it with their lists. This is an abundance mindset!

If you want to position yourself as a TRUE LEADER that offers value to the industry then start getting familiar with your Retweet and Facebook Share Buttons.

Wondering How to Install a Retweet Button? –>

Our Plugin of Choice is the “DIGG DIGG” Plugin. Toby and I prefer this plugin as it also allows for your Facebook Shares and your DIGGS, unlike the Tweetmeme Plugin that only shows your twitter option. CLICK HERE to Download the Digg Digg Plugin NOW.

Let’s all spread the love… and start with that Retweet button up there on the right 🙂

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Keep Rocking n Rolling,

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  • Eric Burnett

    Hey Rockstars, I just wanted to say thanks again for the tips that is helping everyone make there life easier when it comes to building a successful business online. You guys are great mentors!!

  • Carl and Danielle

    Thanks for the info, know we can add these plugins to our blog. Its nice to get informed from quailty leaders such as yourselfs. Thanks to you guys are blog will be running very well. Keep up the good work see you guys when you come to VEGAS…

  • Thomas Lierzer

    Hey guys, I can not believe that I found the answers for my questions on your blog about the retweet and facebook share option within diggdigg. I googled the living hell out of it and in the beginning I installed everything separate and just couldn’t get it to work. And all of the sudden your post comes out and my questions were answered.

    Thanks again, awesome awesome post,you guys R*O*C*K
    Thomas Lierzer

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