Why We Would NEVER Join a Guru in Network Marketing

It’s kind of a bold statement to make…. and it might turn some feathers up and get some of the Big Heads in the Network Marketing industry upset….

But we keep it real, and this is as real as it gets.

It was a phone conversation last night while driving that sparked the idea for this blog post. Toby had spent 10-15 minutes talking to a Prospect about marketing, and branding, etc etc. This guy had been working with a ‘GURU’ (you know… those Internet Gods that get 1000 leads a day and sign up a Gazillion reps) for SIX MONTHS. Toby said to him…

“We’ve spent more time on the phone now that you probably spent in SIX MONTHS with your Sponsor.”

We looked at each other in SHOCK when he agreed.

To be FRANK… People are sick of Gurus taking their money, selling them info, and STILL not getting results. Want to know how we know? Because Rookie Moms like Rachael Macgregor are sponsoring AT WILL. People want REAL PEOPLE that they can connect with and relate to and learn from!

We Don’t Hold Anything Back in this Video. We Tell it Like it is… and This Video Might Piss You Off. We’re Okay With That. Because It’s Knowledge That People Deserve to Have….

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  • Toby & Layla

    Kevin…. There is no exact definition for the word GURU in the Online world for that exact reason….
    People have over-used the word.

    The point we’re trying to get across is not “What is a Guru?” but rather…. are you signing up with the right person? Does that person have the TIME to work with you personally? In most cases, with these Big Marketers… that are generating thousands of a leads a day and signing up hundreds each week…. You are just a number. You can’t access them directly. And you receive NO support.

    We’re just saying, don’t be fooled by their sly offers…. TEST IT YOURSELF… see how long they are willing to spend on the phone with you, if any at all!!

  • Kevin D

    Can you give me a definition of a Guru and the different types of Guru’s. I am having difficulty understanding because just about everyone on the right hand side of the page has been called a Guru of some sort in the the last 6 months. Thanks for your help. Mr D

  • Rachael Macgregor

    I love you guys. This was such a powerful video and totally why I love being part of this team.

    Rock on 😉

  • Ayanna Mitchell

    I am so glad to be working with you two amazing keeping-it-real-anti-guru’s! LOL! This video inspired a post for me about a clear confusion between traditional network) marketing (MLM) and internet marketing.

    Luv that we are all on the same page creating a movement that combines offline and online marketing! So appreciate the honest-to-goodness team environment you have created. You walk the talk! Rockstars are taking over!


  • Janet Garcia

    This is so true. I have dropped out of programs because of lack of support. I am glad to be part of the MVT Rock Start Team!

  • Nathan

    You guys are awesome and the system in place rocks! I know I have had questions over the past 6 weeks and I ALWAYS have had an answer within 10 minutes… and that is no hype or exaggeration! I’m so thankful to have found you both and to be part of such an amazing team! = )

    Nathan Lumpkin

  • Jack Olszewski

    Very good info guys,A commited leader is way better than a mass recruiter.

  • Sheena Prailleau

    Excellent post. Great insight to all the newbies that may believe joining a Guru is the best thing to do.

  • Robin Williams

    Wow, why are you guys in my head? I was thinking about this today. Many people don’t realize how much of a disservice they cause for themselves by joining very busy and unavailable “Guru’s”. It is better to team up with a leader who is working and growing in the business.

    Nice Post,

  • bert wallace

    Hey Toby n Layla ,Toby can I hear a weee Scottish accent in there mate cheers

  • John J Callanan

    Wwo, you guy’s are so right, the Guru’s are going to be PISSED at you haha. The best move I ever made was to connect with Toby and Layla 🙂

  • Kelly

    Great Post you guys. So true my first mlm I had a very hard time getting a hold of. A true test of if your sponsor with have time for you.

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