Why You Should JUMP FOR JOY When Someone Says No!

90% of the population does everything possible to avoid the word “NO”.

To truly achieve success in your home based business, you must change your mentality from avoiding no… to GO FOR NO! The idea of actually rejoicing when you receive a NO might feel a little foreign to most people.

Watch this video and learn why you should be jumping for joy when someone says no to your home based business!

Leave your comments, let us know your thoughts on the word NO.

How does it make you feel? How are you overcoming those feelings?

To Your Success,

Toby & Layla
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  • John Stone

    Awesome post Layla! I think many of us need to hear this message.


  • Toby & Layla

    Isn’t it crazy what we’ve got here? People are crazy to sit back and watch this happen. We are here at the beginning! Call me whenever…. Stay plugged in and buckle up! 🙂

  • Toby & Layla

    You just have to be cautious on where you buy them. We personally do not buy leads. We generate our own leads through attraction marketing so our leads know who are already. Have you looked at any systems? We have some great info on our blog under the Myleadsystempro tab. Call me and we can discuss your marketing plan. 813.373.8115 take care!


  • Rhandell Mitchell

    Hey Layla,

    Just out of curiosity… I was wondering about the leads that you had on that sheet? Were you calling paid leads? I’ve asked several leaders about using paid leads and I’ve been getting mixed reviews… What’s your opinion on using purchased leads?


  • Vincenzo Milanese

    Very good input Layla. This Numis opportunity is way more powerful than I thought. Glad to be on the Team Take Over.

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