Women Leaders: The Outsourcing QUEEN gets Famous on Facebook!!!

And she did it in a few weeks!!!!

This is a webinar that you do not want to miss. Are you Juggling a million and one things and trying to make moves on the Internet too? You want to get Famous on Facebook but you don’t have time to sit there and add friends and send messages?

Our Secret Guest speaker tonight is going to show you how she did it, in a matter of weeks… while still maintaining a VERY FULL TIME, and a VERY SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Career.

So stop with the BUSY WORK… tune in Tonight to Learn how to Focus on the REAL WORK that gets you paid. This powerhouse Top Female Leader knows about things that get her paid!!

What’s her secret? Watch the video below (do not be shocked by my new hairdo) and GET REGISTERED because she won’t be giving this info away for Free for much longer!!!!

Get Registered for this Weekly Women’s Webinar Now and Find the Missing Piece to Your Success from Home


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  • Felicia White

    WOW, what an amazing webinar yet again with all the ladies! Women that really rock! The fact that you always empower and educate offering such great nuggets is just invaluable.The information given will absolutely help with time management. Looking forward to the next one! Thanks for all that you do!

  • Toby & Layla

    @fefe – I know you’ll be there… with your highspeed internet lol 😉
    @danielle – THANKS I love it too!!!! Can’t wait for tonight. See you there rockstars.

  • Fefe the Prosperity Genie

    I can’t wait to get these golden nuggets. Thanks Layla, for your leadership, keep it coming.

  • Danielle Minjarez

    What’s up Ms Layla! I love this! This is Ladies Night and the Feelings Right!LOL I dont remember all the words….That’s right all the Women out there need to pull together and support each-other’s success! So I am so there! Love your hair!

  • Eric Burnett

    Great Post Toby & Layla.. I always enjoy all your valuable content. Oh BTW Layla I’m loving the super fly new hair do 🙂

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