Your Online Business Has Nothing to Do With Your Company.

We have a question for you…

Are you leading with your company when you are Prospecting or Marketing?

If so, you are set up for short comings.

The reason behind this and I’m sure you have heard the saying “people join YOU not your company” and this is so true.  As a society we are driven by the fear of pain, not by the want of pleasure. Crazy to believe that most of us run around this great big earth trying not to get hurt instead of  doing everything humanly possible to reach our goals. Some of us don’t even have goals. In my eyes and many others this is the most important starting point for any life journey.

It doesn’t matter what MLM company you are working with or how great your “ORAC” score is or how cheap you can call anywhere in the world. It’s about “You” and what you can provide to your consumer. Can you solve there problems? This is the question you have to ask yourself. If that answer is no, then you need to evaluate what you are doing and what you are trying to accomplish.

As I said before, as a society we are driven by fear of pain, so if you can provide a solution and lead someone into the pleasure zone while staying well clear of the pain district, you are in business. You see the word “lead” that I used? This is another very important factor in any Industry, Leading. It is in human nature to either lead or be led. So obviously it’s the same in business. Individuals are looking for a “Leader” not another problem, also known as your “Company”.

Anyone can go out there and shout about how good there product is and the benefits from using it, but the success there is short lived. You need to be able to Lead anyone and everyone away from there pain and into the pleasure zone we are all searching for.

Look at this in a different light. Let’s take “Hollywood”.  We have all seen the big stars having there own entourage and the people in it getting more confidence and social stature because of who they are associated with. It’s exactly the same thing in the wild. The “Alpha” male usually is the leader of the pack protecting the others and leading by example. The leader is normally bigger in physical attributes or mental standings. If you could implement this into your business you would very soon see a huge difference in not only your posture but your bank account.

The great thing about the home based business industry is that when you are leading your team to their success, you reach yours as well. The more value you give, the more people we train, the better your business will be.

So don’t be one of the “Beta” Networkers, floating around out there posting more problems and no solutions. Find yourself the proper training you need to make money online, the right way.

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  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks very much Laurie! We appreciate you taking the time to comment. Attraction Marketing is the only true way to make money online. Glad you stopped by our Blog.

  • Laurie

    Awesome piece Guys. You have summed up so well why 97% of net work marketers are not doing well. They push either the company or the product, when really they should be presenting themselves.

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