Your Story Has Value….

VIDEO trainingYour Story Has Value.

I say that with such conviction, I BELIEVE YOUR STORY HAS VALUE…. because it has been proven to me time and time again with every new face I see on Camera that is having a breakthrough… and causing one. We are only 3 Days in to our 30 Day Video Challenge and already I have laughed, cried, learned, and grown from these committed Entrepreneurs!

Watch a few of the stories here.

Your Story has ValueTell me you haven’t got a voice in there, that’s just waiting to share a message with the world.

People always say to me….

“What if I know nothing about the internet?”

“What if I’ve never blogged about anything in my life?”

It’s important to ask yourself if you are open to expanding your mind….. Learning new skills… and releasing the Giant inside. You know you were meant for a bigger purpose, to have a louder voice for change. I know it too.

Your Story Has Value

Everyone asks me, “What the heck is Empower Network?” Some guy actually shouted at me today in my inbox… lol

In my opinion, Empower Network is the most BADASS BLOGGING NETWORK that gives you the blog, the training, the funnels, the leadership to be successful at telling YOUR STORY. Oh and instead of the owners Dave & Dave getting super rich on YOUR efforts, you make 100% commissions on all affiliate sales of the products and courses.

My brother, who is in an up and coming local band… will be using Empower Network to capture an audience and create a powerful social media following…. while helping him bring in some extra money to support his daughter (Ryleigh). As a full time Welder, a father, and a heart felt musician…. My brother and his band definitely have a powerful story to tell.

What if he could teach other musicians to do what he’s doing, and he made 100% commissions doing it?

But it’s so much more than all that 🙂 Cause badass marketing… is straight up, badass marketing.

This is the crazy part of the Empower Network movement.

The BREAKTHROUGHS that are happening for members of Empower Network… on an emotional and spiritual level are mind blowing. People all over the world are sharing their stories. Your story has value…. watch these videos and tell me you don’t think so!

I cut this video about 2 very special videos that caught my eye in the 30 Day Video Challenge.

If you want to participate in the 30 Day Video Challenge you must be part of the EN Family. Join Now.

If you want to know what it means to GET REAL on a Video, carve out a moment to check out these two Rockstars 🙂

Lee White – UK


Sam Rivera – California (This was Sam’s first video EVER! Make sure to Encourage and Empower him)

If you are ALREADY a part of Empower Network and you’d like to plug into our Facebook Group, and join in on the 30 Day Video Challenge… we are willing to take a couple late comers 😉 Click here to Join the Facebook Group cause YOUR STORY HAS VALUE.

If you still aren’t convinced that Empower Network is real by watching those guys above… then Click Here and check out this Badass Video.

But by now you are most likely thinking… I need to market, I need to learn, I want to surround myself with empowered people, I want to have a breakthrough….

Click the button and just GET STARTED.

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